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Why hair typing is unscientific

Afrocenchix believes that there is only one hair type and that’s no hair type. In this blog, we discuss why strict hair typing systems are not scientific. It's better to base your healthy hair care routine on your hair's condition and on restoring and maintaining moisture.

Product buildup: a tricky afro hair care problem

Have you ever wondered what those white, flaky bits that fall from your scalp on the top of your shoulders are? The dandruff-like flakes could be a sign scalp buildup. Scalp buildup is an easy-to-solve scalp condition caused by a few, often overlapping, reasons.

How to Understand the Ingredients List on Your Afro Hair Products

Studies have shown that a large number of products targeted at Black women contain harmful and toxic ingredients that have been linked to fibroids and cancer. With such alarming findings, it’s no surprise that black women are becoming more ingredient conscious and leaning towards using natural cosmetics. At the Afrocenchix HQ,...

Why Trimming your Afro Hair Will Not Lead to Faster, Longer Growth

One myth I believed growing up was that "If you trim your curls, they will grow longer and faster”. If you were told this hair myth growing up and still hold onto it, get ready to get disappointed! Sure, trimming your hair a few inches will definitely make your it look and feel...

What exactly is hair porosity and how do I determine mine?

Hair porosity is something of a buzzword in the natural afro hair community. We are frequently asked what hair porosity is, what products are best for high porosity hair and whether porosity matters. Let's start with a definition. What exactly is hair porosity? Hair porosity is a measure of how...

How do you reduce constant shedding and get your hair to grow?

In this blog we will address a few FAQs: How do you reduce constant shedding? How do you get your afro hair to grow at the same rate all around your head?

Healthy Hair? It's all about Balance

Want soft, healthy, manageable hair? Of course, we all do. To achieve the hair you’d love to have it’s essential to maintain high moisture levels. Two of the main (controllable) factors which can determine how moisturised your hair are pH and temperature. Low temperatures and a low pH means the...