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About Afrocenchix

Hey there! Welcome to Afrocenchix.

Our business is founded on the principle of prioritizing your health in hair care, with sustainability and ethics woven into our core. This means that the well-being of people and the planet is always placed ahead of profit.

At Afrocenchix, we cherish the simplicity in life's daily routines. Our team expertly crafts our products by combining safe, effective, vegan ingredients, aiming to make hair care straightforward and accessible. As a Black-owned company with a deep understanding of Afro, tightly coiled, and curly hair types, we ensure our products are inclusive and effective across all hair textures.

The secret behind our product effectiveness lies in the rigorous formulation process conducted by our in-house cosmetic chemists. Before any product launch, we undertake extensive trials and testing to guarantee quality. With most of our manufacturing done in South Africa, we maintain strict quality controls in world class facilities.

Our commitment to avoiding common allergens such as SLS, artificial fragrances, and parfum stems from a dedication to safety and efficacy. This dedication is personal—our own families use these products, guaranteeing that each bottle is brimming with goodness and delivers on its promises.

We are firm believers that a business can be both ethical and sustainable while meeting community needs with excellence. Our vegan-certified products are cruelty-free, and we use eco-friendly preservatives. The raw materials, including our organic, fair trade Shea butter from a cooperative in Ghana, are sourced with ethical practices in mind. We are advocates for sustainability, ensuring fair pay for farmers and ethical ingredient sourcing.

Our approach to environmental care extends to our packaging choices, which are 100% recyclable. We also use organic ingredients where possible, and our shipping materials are plant-based and fully compostable. With aspirations for Fair Trade certification and a goal to become a B Corp by 2024, every purchase supports our vision of a sustainable, ethical business.

By adhering to our values, our multi-award-winning business is able to deliver premium quality products that not only benefit your hair but also safeguard our planet.

We stand by the belief that life's small details should be effortless, for it's these nuances that contribute significantly to the greater good.

How it all started...

Afrocenchix's journey began in 2008 following a conversation between two university friends about hair loss. It was a personal struggle with an eczema flare-up, triggered by hair relaxing treatments, that sparked the idea for a range of products designed to address hair and scalp concerns using ancient natural ingredients.

With a keen interest in Chemistry and a desire to find healthier hair care solutions, the founders embarked on extensive research, acquiring laboratory equipment to experiment with various raw materials. This initiative led to the creation of the first version of the Soothe product, marking the end of a long search for the perfect healthy hair products.

Committed to creating products that were kind to both people and the planet, and gentle enough for children with sensitive skin, Afrocenchix soon recognized that these concerns were widespread. A test batch of the Soothe oil quickly sold out at a small community fair in Neasden, North West London, signifying the start of Afrocenchix's mission.

Established with the aim of making safe, effective, and ethical products accessible to all, with a particular focus on Black women, Afrocenchix also prioritized sharing scientifically sound healthy hair care practices using natural ingredients.

In 2010, the company was honored with an award for ‘Ethical and Sustainable Business Innovation’ from the University of Birmingham. Furthering their commitment to hair science, the team at Afrocenchix continued to expand their range with more carefully researched products.

As demand grew, the products began to appear in shops, and in 2015, Afrocenchix received the Bright Ideas Award from UCL, which catalyzed the business's expansion into new avenues.

Today, Afrocenchix is proudly based in London, where the dedicated in-house cosmetic science team, renowned for their expertise and care, continues to develop safe, ethical, and effective products. While the founders may occasionally be found in the lab, their primary focus is ensuring the brand's vision for high-quality, responsible hair care is brought to life.


From our Birmingham beginnings we‘ve  gone worldwide. Afrocenchix products have been loved by customers from as far afield as India, Canada and Ghana and we're proud to have sold into 54 countries so far!

We became the first British brand specifically for afro hair available in a major retailer when we partnered with Whole Foods. We're also available in Superdrug and the best Independent Health Stores.

We're currently growing our team and working hard to solve your afro and curly hair problems and make natural simple. You can keep up to date with us through our business blog.

Thanks for reading our story. When you buy our products, you help us shape the next chapter.