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Olive oil

Botanically named 'Olea Europaea', olive oil is an emollient plant oil with wonderfully soothing, softening and moisturising capabilities for your hair and scalp.

Olive oil is created mainly in countries of the Mediterranean Basin, although some olive oil is made in Southern America, California and Australia. Of course, the most well-known areas for olive oil production include Greece, Italy and Spain.

Olive oil is procured by the extraction of the fruits ripened flesh. The colour of olive oil can vary from a clear yellow to rich dark green depending on the season it was harvested, weather conditions and soil.

But what exactly can this seemingly 'everyday oil' do for your tresses?

Softens hair

Olive oils core emollients are palmitic acid, squalene and oleic acid. These emollients and acids work together, aiding in producing softening effects to your kinks and curls.

Not only do they soften your curls, but olive oil helps lock in moisture, allowing other beautiful ingredients to work their magic on your mane.

Packed with olive oil, Swirl: Silicone-Free Conditioner has been formulated to provide slip and ease to your curls, adding the ultimate hydration and protection.

Dry & Itchy Scalps

Olive oil contains essential fatty acids that are vital helpers for dry skin, such as palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids, which can aid in soothing and protecting itchy dry scalps.

Olea europea (olive oil) may aid in antioxidant benefits, too, due to the phenolic compounds, which can fight against environmental damage when applied topically.

Soothe: Natural Scalp Oil is eczema friendly, itch relieving scalp oil, perfect for any stressed scalps out there needing soothing.

Less breakage & improves elasticity. 

With olive oils sealant predisposition, it can help reduce breakage.

One of the most common causes of breakage is when the hair is dry, brittle and thus lacking moisture. By acting as a sealant to the hair fibres, olive oil can improve both elasticity to strands and prevent unwanted breakage.

Seal: Natural Hair Oil for Afro Hair is ideal for protecting hair against breakage. Filled with high-quality olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil and more, this oil can be used in your LOC or LCO method.

Reducing inflammation 

One factor to hair loss can be inflammation of the scalp. 

In theory, olive oil may reduce inflammation, having natural inflammatory properties, thus helping prevent hair loss caused by inflammation. There are sadly not enough studies to confirm this theory. However, many find the oil beneficial to incorporate into their hair care regimen.

If you are dealing with any hair loss issue, your number one point of call is your GP. 

Soothe: Natural Scalp Oil has Olive oil as its core ingredient, along with other anti-inflammatory ingredients such as lavender and cedarwood, which will combat inflammation without leaving build-up.


Being an emollient, olive oil is naturally slippery. It makes the hair more manageable when combatting tough tangles by softening the hair while strengthening the stands from tugging, adding natural slip to help unravel knots.

Sheen: Natural Moisturising Spray is infused with luscious olive oil, aloe and grapeseed oil, all aiding in gliding fingers, combs, or hair picks through your fabulous fro.

Reduces frizz

Olive oil creates a thin film around the fibres when applied to hair strands, reducing friction when combing hair and overall manipulation. As well as smoothing the cuticle to give a less fluffy appearance to your crown.

Smooth: Natural Moisturising Cream delivers a moisture surge to dry tresses needing cuticle smoothing and hydration. It is enriched with olive oil, shea butter from Ghana, coconut oil, and more.

Olive oil - another absolute favourite here at Afrocenchix! 

How best do you like to incorporate it into your routine? Let us know below.

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