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Do I really need shampoo to wash my afro hair?

Are you a fan of the #CurlyGirlMethod? Do you try to avoid shampooing your afro hair? If so - you could be doing more harm than good. We'll explain why...ย ย 

Afro Hair Care - The Ultimate Guide for 2022

Caring for afro hair can be tricky when you're not sure where to start. At Afrocenchix we help bust the myths that afro hair is unprofessional, unattractive and unmanageable. We believe all afro hair is beautiful!

13 Tips to Detangle Your Natural Hair (Without Ripping It Out!)

Wondering how to detangle your natural hair? Letโ€™s be honest, most of us are not excited about the prospect of detangling our curls or coils, which is why weโ€™ve pulled together some practical tips to help you detangle your natural hair quickly like a true pro! Enjoy!

How To Wash Your Box Braids For Happy Hair and Scalp

Want to know how to wash your box braids without creating frizz? The technique weโ€™re going to show you is a great method to keep your scalp clean and happy while you have braids in! It's also great if you have twists or locs.ย We've even included a helpful video tutorial...

How Often Should You Wash Natural Hair?

Wondering how often should you wash your natural hair? It might be 'trendy' to not wash your hair, but it's actually crucial to keep your scalp clean and healthy. Similarly to the way you would wash and moisturise your face, you need to regularly cleanse your scalp. A dirty scalp...

The Truth About Co Washing Hair

Wondering what is co washing hair? Well, let us explain: co washing has fast become popular with the curly and afro hair community, and it is the practice of โ€˜washingโ€™ oneโ€™s hair with a cleansing conditioner or a conditioner (hence the apt name!). But is it worth skipping the shampoo...

How To Wash Your Hair The Right Way

Wondering if you're washing your hair the right way? The truth is that many of us aren't cleansing our hair and scalp properly, which can lead to a host of issues. But getting the basics of washing your hair makes all the difference. Want to nail wash day like a...

Level up your wash day routine in 2020

Wash Day Tips for Smooth, Shiny, Manageable Hair In this post, we share tips on how to level up your wash day routine for 2020 and what tools you need to do so! Adopt a simple wash day routine At Afrocenchix, we believe that simple haircare is better. You don't...

Is afro hair really hard to manage?

Is afro hair hard to manage?There is a misconception that it takes hours and hours to get natural hair to "do what you want it to do." The notion that learning how to look after Afro hair and properly maintain it requires a significantly greater amount of time is not...

Product buildup: a tricky afro hair care problem

Have you ever wondered what those white, flaky bits that fall from your scalp on the top of your shoulders are? The dandruff-like flakes could be a sign scalp buildup. Scalp buildup is an easy-to-solve scalp condition caused by a few, often overlapping, reasons.