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11 Common Hair Breakage Causes & Treatments

The main causes of hair breakage are typically dry hair and frequent manipulation, but there any different causes. Structurally, our hair cuticle is made of overlapping 'scales' which help keep your hair strand together. In healthy, undamaged hair, these scales are intact, however breakage can occur when these scales are damaged or fall apart.

10 Tips to Avoid Hair Breakage

Got afro hair? Chances are you have suffered from breakage woes at some point. The last thing you want when taking care of your curls, is that feeling that your hair keeps breaking and doesn’t grow fast enough. We hear this complaint a lot. It can lead to thinking that...

Real Talk – What Causes Split Ends?

Split ends or the little gremlins that multiply overnight, wreaking havoc on your hair – what causes them, how do we get rid of them for good and how do you prevent them? We explore this and more in our expert guide, so read on to learn!

13 Tips to Detangle Your Natural Hair (Without Ripping It Out!)

Wondering how to detangle your natural hair? Let’s be honest, most of us are not excited about the prospect of detangling our curls or coils, which is why we’ve pulled together some practical tips to help you detangle your natural hair quickly like a true pro! Enjoy!

Everything you need to know about afro hair loss

What causes afro hair loss and how can you combat it? We share our advice as afro hair care experts. Find out everything you need to know about afro hair loss.

5 Reasons To Stop Relaxing Your Hair Today

Did you know that chemical straighteners such as relaxers and perms are filled with toxic chemicals? Yes, really! If that’s still not enough to put you off the creamy crack, then read on to discover the top 5 reasons you should ditch the perms and stop relaxing your hair today.

How to Repair Hair Damage: Signs, Causes and Treatment

Hair damage can present itself in the form of split ends, breakage, dryness and brittleness. Extremely damaged hair can arise when cracks develop in the cuticle/outer layer of the hair, and once the cuticle lifts your hair can easily get further damaged or break. Symptoms of damaged hair are dullness, and...

Why Your Hair is Falling Out: Your Ultimate Guide to Hair Loss & Alopecia

Wondering why your hair may be falling out? September is alopecia awareness month. Learn more about hair loss and alopecia, as well as the common causes, symptoms and treatments.

Heat Damaged Hair: How to Prevent Heat Damage Today

Heat damage is caused by using excessive heat/heated styling tools on your hair and can make your hair feel and look dry, thin, rough, brittle and dull. You may notice you have increased hair breakage, while your ends may be split and broken with white bits showing at the ends. Heat damaged hair...

3 Ways to Reduce Breakage When Wearing Braids

We all love a good braid protective style! Unfortunately, poor installation and maintenance can lead to breakage! We've got just the afro hair products that can help you reduce breakage while rocking your braids.

Help! My Hair is Breaking!

Breakage. The bane of afro hair and culprit of the myth that afro hair doesn't grow. Afro hair grows just like other hair types but if the rate of breakage is faster than the rate of growth, then you'll struggle to retain length. Want to stop your afro hair breaking? Let's start with some...

How do you reduce constant shedding and get your hair to grow?

In this blog we will address a few FAQs: How do you reduce constant shedding? How do you get your afro hair to grow at the same rate all around your head?

3 Ways to Avoid Heat Damage

As mentioned in our last post, high temperatures cause the hair cuticle to be raised, not only leaving the delicate cortex of the hair vulnerable to damage but also allowing moisture to escape. In this post, we will share how to avoid heat damage and keep your hair in tip...

5 Reasons your Hair is Breaking

A common complaint we hear from women is that their hair doesn't grow. In most cases, it is growing, it's just breaking as fast as it grows. If your hair is short it should be because you choose to cut it, not because it keeps falling off! Control your hair...