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Black Girls Book Club: Women Doing Bits

This week, we speak to the founders of the Black Girl Book Club, Melissa Cummings-Quarry and Natalie A Carter. The Black Girl Book Club is more than just a book club for black women, it creates a safe space to discuss literature and has the seal of approval from Mariah Carey and British Vogue.

Nicole Crentsil: Women Doing Bits Series

Nicole Crentsil is a Ghanaian-British cultural curator, entrepreneur and investor based in London. Nicole is the CEO of Black Girl Fest – a platform dedicated to Black women, girls and non-binary people. She’s also the founder of BIG SIS, a new network supporting the personal development of creative working women....

Abadesi Osunsade: Women Doing Bits Series

This week, we speak to Abadesi Osunsade the founder and CEO of Hustle Crew, which is a diversity-in-tech community and training company. She’s also the author of Dream Big. Hustle Hard: The Millennial Woman's Guide to Success in Tech and co-host of the podcast Techish.

Tobi Oredein: Women Doing Bits Series

Tobi Oredein is an award-winning women's lifestyle journalist, media entrepreneur, and international public speaker. Based in London, Tobi focuses on race, feminism, beauty politics & popular culture, and is the CEO and founder of Black Ballad, a lifestyle website for the black and mixed women.

Women Doing Bits: Sharmadean Reid & Rachael Corson In Conversation

This March, we happily announced a new Afrocenchix’s series called Women Doing Bits on Friday 5th March. The series would see us talking to impressive women in our community (like Bola Sol, Abadesi Osunsade, Nicole Crentsil and Sharmadean Reid) about what they do, how they came up with their big ideas and...

Rachael’s Healthy Hair Routine

Hello, Rachael here! I’m a low maintenance kind of girl so I don’t spend much time on my hair, but I still like it to look and feel good. I find that protective styling and a simple routine help me to keep my hair looking and feeling its best in the minimum time....

Bola Sol: Women Doing Bits Series

This week, we speak to Bola Sol who is a financial coach, passionate about helping women come together to discuss money matters and wants to help build more financial confidence in everyone. She is the creator of Rich Girl Chronicles (a personal finance accountability group for women) and can  be...

5 Tips For Being Confident Wearing Your Natural Hair

Let’s be honest, learning how to be confident wearing your natural hair is almost 99% of the journey. Want some practical tips for being confident when wearing your natural hair? We have some helpful tips that’ll aid in getting you comfortable with your natural hair in all its glory!

Why I Don't Use Edge Control 

Rachael Corson, co-founder of curly and afro hair brand Afrocenchix explains her personal reasons for why she doesn’t use edge control (and probably never will) and why Afrocenchix doesn’t want to ‘control’ any edges.

Community Spotlight - We're stronger together

This is a time to be there for the community. We know many of you are freelancers, small business owners and contractors and we want to support you.

How to Work from Home Effectively

Looking for practical tips on how to navigate working from home? Read on for our advice on effective remote working.

Common Afro Hair Myths

Afro hair is very misunderstood.  Myth #1 — Afro hair is very weak or very strong. Believe it or not, Afro hair is the strongest hair type in terms of tensile strength and the amount of water it can hold. At the same time, afro hair is also the most vulnerable...

Celebrating Women Who Are Winning this International Women's Day

This years theme for International Women’s Day is “#EachforEqual.” The theme calls on all of us to stand on the right side of history: to address inequities, broaden perceptions and celebrate women's achievements. At Afrocenchix we're saying #EachforEqual by celebrating women that have inspired and challenged us to be and...

New Year, New Hair

Decided that January is the time to switch up your look? The New Year is a great time (of course, not the only time) to embrace healthy hair choices and invest in quality ingredients for your hair. If you've decided to stop relaxing or straightening your hair with heat, we...

How to Recover from that Nightmare Hair Salon Experience...

Having an awful salon trip is like watching someone iron a hole in your favourite silk dress. When you go to a salon you want to leave with your hair looking great. You pay good money for an experienced professional and hope that it will be a therapeutic experience. You...

Afro Hair Products and Silicones: Why to Avoid Them

With so much much conflicting information around on the internet, we've put together a simple guide to understanding how silicones can affect your afro hair. Read on to learn how silicones in your Afro Hair products impact your Afro Hair routine.