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The Benefits Of Wheat Germ For Hair


Written by Jeanette Nkwate

There are a lot of wonderful benefits of wheat germ for your hair and if you can’t tell, Afrocenchix are big fans of the oil. Wheat germ oil is a rich source of Vitamin B6, and has antioxidant and anti-aging properties. It also acts as a moisturising agent and helps in preventing dryness and split ends.

This oil works great with all hair types (but if you have finer hair, using it as pre shampoo will help you avoid making your hair look like a greasy mess). However, disclaimer: although we love wheat germ oil and it’s a great carrier oil, if you have a wheat allergy you should avoid including it into your hair or beauty routine. 

Helps With Moisture

Did you know that one of the main benefits of wheat germ oil for hair is that it can help with moisture? Due to the huge amounts of vitamin E that are in the oil, it can help maintain moisture levels and some even say it can help increase moisture levels in your hair. So if you’re part of the dry hair crew, make note! 

Helps With Damaged Hair

It’s also reported that because wheat germ oil boasts lots of fatty acids and vitamins it’s also a miracle worker for damaged hair and can even help limit further damage.   

Helps Smooth & Soften

As we mentioned before, wheat germ oil can be great for maintaining moisture and also limiting damage to your hair, which in turn can aid in making it look and feel smooth and soft.

This is in part thanks to the fatty acids and vitamin E, which have emollient properties.

Helps Strengthen Hair

Looking for an oil that will help strengthen your hair? Then look no further. Wheat germ oil can penetrate your scalp and the roots of your hair and the vitamin B in the oil can help increase circulation and promote hair growth. But don’t expect overnight results as you’ll need to be consistent with massaging the oil into your scalp to see this benefit. 

Product recommendation: Want to give wheat germ oil a try? Why not give our oils a go! 

Soothe was our very first product formulated with the wonderful wheat germ oil. It’s lightweight and easily absorbed, and penetrates the scalp softening hair at the roots.

Seal is designed to lock in maximum moisture, reduce frizz, fight breakage and can be used as the "Oil" step in the LOC or LCO methods

And Nourish, the newest oil edition to the Afrocenchix hair family, has been specially formulated to strengthen hair from root to tip. It has Coconut oil, Jamaican Black Castor oil along with the essence of rosemary and mint oils, and of course, it also includes wheat germ oil to help restore your hair's vitality.


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