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24 Super Easy Halloween Hairstyles for Afros, Coils and Curls

Halloween is almost upon us (can you believe it?!). Get all the hair inspiration you need with our 24 easy Halloween hairstyles for natural hair!  

11 Cute & Easy Back-to-school Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Looking for easy back-to-school afro hairstyles for natural hair? Here are 11 inspiring back-to-school hairstyles to experiment with, alongside practical and easy hair care tips.

How to Care for your Afro Hair this Summer

A guide on how to protect your fragile kinks and curls from damage this summer using ethical products and approaches. Afro hair and curly hair need special care in the warm weather but with the right approach you'll be shimmering like the sunshine!

How To Braid Cornrows On Yourself

Curious about how to do cornrows? Always wanted to create cornrow styles? Then you’ve come to the right place. With our easy step-by-step video tutorial, you’ll be rocking cornrows in no time! 

How to do the Perfect Twist out on Natural Hair

Want to get the perfect twist out on your natural hair every time? Our simple tutorial will take you through how to achieve the perfect twist and then transform them into a beautifully defined twist out hairstyle perfect for all outings and events. The Afrocenchix team particularly loves this hairstyle...

How To Halo Braid Natural Hair: Video Tutorial

The Halo braid is the perfect protective hairstyle that also looks very pretty. It’s ideal for date night, weddings, and more. Just follow our easy to follow tutorial to learn how to nail doing the halo braid like a pro! 

How To Do a Puff On Natural Hair In 3 Easy & Pretty Ways!

Want to know how to do a puff on natural hair? In this tutorial, you'll learn how to moisturise your hair using the LCO method and how to style your puff in three different and pretty ways!

How To Wash Your Box Braids For Happy Hair and Scalp

Want to know how to wash your box braids without creating frizz? The technique we’re going to show you is a great method to keep your scalp clean and happy while you have braids in! It's also great if you have twists or locs. We've even included a helpful video tutorial...

How To Effectively Moisturise Afro Hair

Moisturised afro hair — there is such a thing! One of the most common challenges with Afro hair is avoiding dryness and keeping hair moisturised. Lack of moisture often leads to breakage and can make styling a challenge. Here are 5 things you can do to stop dry hair from...

How To Wash Your Hair The Right Way

Wondering if you're washing your hair the right way? The truth is that many of us aren't cleansing our hair and scalp properly, which can lead to a host of issues. But getting the basics of washing your hair makes all the difference. Want to nail wash day like a...

How to Care for Your Natural Hair Under a Wig 

It’s no secret how effective protective styles like wigs can be in helping to protect natural hair – c’mon, the name says it all. They’re a great way to switch up your style, grow your hair out or protect it as it recovers from conditions like alopecia. 

Caring for Afro Hair – How to Save Time

Save time and ensure you’re on top of your hair care routine with our practical tips for speedily managing your hair.

How to Recover from that Nightmare Hair Salon Experience...

Having an awful salon trip is like watching someone iron a hole in your favourite silk dress. When you go to a salon you want to leave with your hair looking great. You pay good money for an experienced professional and hope that it will be a therapeutic experience. You...

How to style short afro hair: Seven delightful ways to wear your teeny weeny afro

Just because your afro hair is short doesn’t mean there aren’t any cool & easy styles for you to use. Check out our blog to find out what they are!

How to Choose the Best Afro Hair Products For You

The secret for finding that coveted perfect afro hair product combination is simple. You don't need to select exotic ingredients to look great and feel like a hair model! You don't need to spend your entire pay check and get products from far flung corners of the globe. You can sit in...

How to Understand the Ingredients List on Your Afro Hair Products

Studies have shown that a large number of products targeted at Black women contain harmful and toxic ingredients that have been linked to fibroids and cancer. With such alarming findings, it’s no surprise that black women are becoming more ingredient conscious and leaning towards using natural cosmetics. At the Afrocenchix HQ,...

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