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The Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair

Written by Jeanette Nkwate

Over the years, coconut oil has taken the mainstream hair care industry by storm as a natural super ingredient for afro hair. But why is using coconut oil for hair so popular, and how can you use it? We explore four of the key benefits, below!

1. Adds Moisture

A key element of hair health is moisture. Having enough moisture (and equally not having too much) with the right type of ingredients will literally make or break your hair.

The triglycerides (fats found in ingredients) of coconut oil are quick absorbing molecules that help penetrate the hair shaft and envelope your curls with strength and moisture.

By using products such as Swirl - Silicone Free Conditioner concocted with coconut extract and no silicones, providing your hair with plenty of natural healthy ingredients to provide moisture and allow your curls to shine naturally.

2. It’s A Great Pre-poo

Another great use of coconut oil is as a barrier and softener for your hair before shampoo.

Pure coconut oil or Seal, our Natural Hair Oil For Afro Hair is an excellent option for this. 

Not only does this wonder product work as a way to lock in moisture, but you can use it as a pre-poo for very damaged and dry tresses, helping to soften coils making detangling more manageable.

3. It’s A Great For Hot Oil Treatments

Coconut Oil can work well as a lovely at home hot oil treatment. Hot Oil treatments are best used before shampooing and can be a great way to elevate your pre-poo by just adding that little bit of warmth to help encourage even more product penetration to your locks.

Slightly warm up enough oil to coat your hair evenly and apply, allowing the oil to marinate before shampooing. 

Seal, our Natural Hair Oil works wonders for this treatment, being packed with fresh coconut oil, castor and jojoba oil to maintain strong, healthy hair.

4. Reduces Inflammation & Fungal Infection

Coconut oil has been shown to have both antifungal effects, helping to reduce irritants that may cause inflammation and irritation to the scalp.

Incorporating coconut oil throughout your hair care provides the potential to aid any stressed out scalps and promote healthier kinks and curls.

So there you have it! coconut oil for hair can be a natural, miracle worker!


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