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Afrocenchix Moisture Surge

🍍 Natural, organic, and vegan

🍍 Sensitive skin friendly

🍍 Very informative brand with hair care info on the website

🍍 Jam packed with natural ingredients to promote moisture like aloe vera, jojoba oil, and shea butter

🍍 Citrus smell is amazing

🍍 Instant moisture. I used daily since my hair is high porosity and dried up within 24 hours”

“I’ve been reserving judgement but after a few weeks I’m pleased to say that the products I’ve tried from Afrocenchix have really made a difference. I’m growing my hair and decided I should probably also take better care of it. It looks and feels luxurious.”

“I've been going to the sort of black hair care shops which is a minefield and using all sorts of curl puddings and stuff and nothing seem to tame it! Then I saw Afrocenchix recently and it's fab!!

My little girls hair already looks so amazing already. Her hair looks incredible at the moment and that's just with newly natural and Jamaican black castor oil in place of the seal. Now I have the moisture set it's going to look even better. Its manageable, defined and shiny!! Best products.

I've spent so much money in afro hair shops on different stuff. She loves them. She loves trying to put the hair cream in herself! Best money spent. Well done!”

“Vegan and Cruelty Free Black owned brands 🌱 I’ve been using the lovely Swirl conditioner and Sheen moisturising spray, both are lightweight enough for my multicultural curls whilst giving bounce and shine, and both would be great layered on kinky hair- they smell amazing, will definitely be using them in my kit as well as on myself!”

“Thank you so much, these products are amazing and as a single father raising two beautiful black queens it was an honour and less of a task to be able to wash, condition and moisture their hair with these products.

I put their hairstyles in basic twists but with the products, this style will be able to last till the salons reopen and if not it won’t be a mission to do it all over again.

I’ve had a lot of families DM for a product code, recommendations and what my process was. Thank you again and I wish you guys all the best!”

“Getting Kairo's hair care routine right has always been important to me. From the second he was born, he came out with lots of hair stuck to his head in curls so I knew it was curly😍 I've tried many different products, some too heavy and some that, once dried, didn't do much at all! I've recently discovered Afrocenchix and I think I've finally cracked it!

After his bath in the morning where I wet his hair (I wash it weekly as I've found any more than that is very drying for him) we use the spray, brush it gently from the ends first, I use a dangling brush - then add a squirt of the oil (I don't do that daily, usually after a hair wash, or if it's particularly dry I might do it more than once a week) then the cream!

They smell lovely too! Kairo said they smell like sweeties but I’d say more of a natural orangey fragrant vibe🍊 this is this morning, he had a shower but was kicking off about me wetting his hair as he prefers a bath🙄 so I just sprayed it wet when he got dressed afterwards instead to save him crying in the shower 🙃 anyway, before and after pictures say it all really! It was still a bit wet there but stays curly and moist all day!

Really happy with all 3 products, I switched from ones I used before as they weren't vegan, natural or created by black businesses, which Afrocenchix is! Plus it works better than any I've tried! Recommend checking them out if you have curly or afro hair!”

“Decided to give these girls a whirl and WOW, Afrocenchix – your products are beautiful!! My (almost) 2 year old loves me treating and styling her hair and sat like a princess being pampered this morning. I can’t wait to get back to work and use and recommend these natural products to my clients too!”

The Seal oil is my favourite oil. I’ve noticed that when I use it after I’ve sprayed a bit of water it leaves my hair feeling moisturised for a long time. My hair also feels soft and looks shiny. It’s lightweight and a little goes a long way.

Smooth also feels great in my hair, it’s the perfect consistency and it’s very moisturising. I like to use it as a curl refresher after I’ve sprayed a bit of water and it revives my curls instantly.

At Afrocenchix, we believe the little things in life should be simple.

- Rachael Corson & Joycelyn Mate, Afrocenchix Co-founders