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Why Afrocenchix Supports Fairtrade

Fairtrade Fortnight is around the corner and although this year is a little different, we wanted to take the time to thank everyone who supports Fairtrade by buying our moisturiser Smooth, which is made with organic, Fairtrade shea butter.

Afro Hair Products and Silicones: Why to Avoid Them

With so much much conflicting information around on the internet, we've put together a simple guide to understanding how silicones can affect your afro hair. Read on to learn how silicones in your Afro Hair products impact your Afro Hair routine.

6 common homemade hair treatments that don’t work

With homemade 'natural' Afro hair products gaining traction, we wanted to clear up if they are more effective for hair use. Will these simple recipes full of avocado and egg save you money in the long run? It may be better to eat the ingredients rather than waste them on...

How to Choose the Best Afro Hair Products For You

The secret for finding that coveted perfect afro hair product combination is simple. You don't need to select exotic ingredients to look great and feel like a hair model! You don't need to spend your entire pay check and get products from far flung corners of the globe. You can sit in...

Why do natural ingredients work wonders on afro hair?

Many people wonder whether swapping over from "mainstream" or synthetic-based hair products to natural hair care really makes a difference to their afro hair. In this blog, we'll explain why your natural hair loves products with natural ingredients.

Do I really need to use a scalp oil for my afro hair?

What can a scalp oil afro hair product do for your hair? Do you need to use one? What are the benefits? Check out our blog for all the answers!

How to Understand the Ingredients List on Your Afro Hair Products

Studies have shown that a large number of products targeted at Black women contain harmful and toxic ingredients that have been linked to fibroids and cancer. With such alarming findings, it’s no surprise that black women are becoming more ingredient conscious and leaning towards using natural cosmetics. At the Afrocenchix HQ,...

What afro hair products do you need to take on holiday?

For most of us, the biggest challenge when it comes to preparing for a holiday is packing our suitcase. Deciding what clothes to bring usually takes up the largest portion of time – but there’s something equally as important: Our afro hair products.

How to Care for your Afro Hair this Summer

A guide on how to protect your fragile kinks and curls from damage this summer using ethical products and approaches. Afro hair and curly hair need special care in the warm weather but with the right approach you'll be shimmering like the sunshine!

Which afro hair products do you need for dry hair?

Does your afro hair suffer from dryness? Are you looking for a solution? Find out what afro hair products you need to combat it in this blog.

Turmeric Matcha Tea for Afro Hair Growth!?

How can turmeric aid afro hair growth? What are the benefits? Want some for free? Find out more by reading our blog.

Five Reasons why Afrocenchix has the Best Afro Hair Products

Finding the right afro hair products is a struggle. There are plenty of high street brands out there for women with straight hair, but very little for those of us with afro hair. It doesn’t have to be so hard to find afro hair products that really work. At least,...

Oil Based Afro Hair Products: Why Aren't They Moisturising?

Most natural loves good oil based afro hair products to give their hair nutrients and shine. As much as Afro hair loves oil unfortunately, they can’t give your hair the moisture it needs and these are 3 reasons why...

Best Afro Hair Products for the Gym

When you're working on your body, you need to make sure you're getting the best possible nutrition and hydration on the inside and out. Fitness pros like Elle Linton use Afrocenchix to make caring for afro and curly hair simple. Read on for help with your Afro Hair routine.

Itchy Scalp? Here's What You Should Know

This post was originally published on 15th March 2019. Due to its popularity, it was updated with the new tips on 6th May 2020. Itchy scalp (also known as scalp pruritus) is one of the most frustrating, yet common problems that many people with Afro hair and others face. Often an...

4 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Afro Hair Products

Over the last two years around the world, women with Afro hair have been horrified to find out that 80% of black hair products on the market contain harmful ingredients. These toxins have proven links to a wide array of diseases, which are prevalent in the black community.     While developing the...