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Are all your products natural?

Indeed, they are! We will never use harsh synthetic chemicals and controversial ingredients, we choose only ingredients that bring a benefit to you selecting natural ingredients which will leave your hair smelling, feeling and looking good! We don’t waste space with ingredients that don’t need to be there: all of our ingredients are active ingredients!


Can I use your products on my newborn baby?

Our products are safe for the whole family, although we tend to avoid using oil-based products such as Seal and Soothe on babies and toddlers as they are more sensitive to essential oils. We recommend using our oils (Soothe and Seal) on children that are 2 and over. To seal in moisture we recommend using olive oil or coconut oil for children below ages 2.

Water based products such as Swish, Sheen and Smooth work wonderfully on children all ages.


Where and how are your products made?

We manufacture our own products. This means that all of our products are hand made in batches from an approved premises. We produce our goods in accordance with EU law and in line with Good Manufacturing Practice standards.


How do you know your products are safe?

We work with a formulations scientist to ensure our products will bring you the maximum possible benefit. Anything you buy from us has undergone both internal and external testing for stability, purpose and safety. We work in accordance with EU REGULATION 1223/2009 (effective as of 11 July 2013) and Good Manufacturing Practice standards. We will only ever provide safe and effective products that we love using on ourselves! 


I have sensitive skin can I still use your products and are they allergy free?

All of our products are natural and specially formulated to be extremely gentle, being simple as possible in formulation, even for the most sensitive of skin types. However, we recognise that your body is unique and we cannot guarantee any one ingredient or product to be completely allergy-free for everyone. If you have sensitive skin we recommend that you do a patch test on your wrist, inner elbow or behind your ear, prior to using any of our products for the first time.


Do your products contain parabens?

We don’t use DMDM hydantoin, PEGs, silicones, mineral oil, sodium polyacrylate, SLS, SLES, DEA, phthalate, parabens, lanolin, artificial fragrances, fillers or any other harsh chemicals in our hair products.


Is your packaging recyclable? 

Our shipping boxes and packaging are both 100% biodegradable so pop it in your compost or in with your food waste. The packing nuts we use are also starch-based and biodegradable too!
We care about the planet and we’re always working on making our company even more ethical & sustainable. 

Got ideas to help with that? Drop us a line at


I’ve just placed my order, when will I get it?


Want to know where your hair goodies are? With regards to shipping during the Covid-19 pandemic, please note your order could take longer than usual to arrive. We’re moving as fast as we can to get it to you quickly. Please bear with us and let us know if you haven’t received it after 2-3 weeks. 

Thank you so much for supporting not only Afrocenchix, but also the businesses in our community. Your support is making a huge difference to small businesses like us at this time. 

How much is shipping?

As a small business we are currently limited in our ability to absorb postage and packaging costs. We do try to offer free UK shipping where possible and are partnering with retailers worldwide to make reduce shipping costs for you.

Please note that our shipping fees have changed slightly due to the Covid-19 pandemic:


Free UK shipping for orders over £60 (not tracked) – Free

UK Economy (not tracked – could take up to 3 weeks) – £2.99

UK Standard (not tracked)  – £4.99


Signed & Tracked - £15.99

US/Rest of the World