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Biodegradable Detangling Wet Brush

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Our new Biodegradable detangling wet brush is a must have addition to your Hair tools!

  • DETANGLES HAIR WITHOUT DAMAGE: Its soft, flexible bristles gently detangle your hair without snagging, protecting hair from splits and tears
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Straight, curly, textured, thick or wavy
  • FLEXIBLE HEAD works great on wet or damp hair to detangle and enhance definition
  • SPEED UP YOUR DRY TIME: Open vents allow moisture to evaporate more quickly- so you can skip the extra heat to keep your hair happy
  • MADE from plant starch
  • ERGONOMIC: Lightweight brush with a comfort fit handle

    Biodegradable Detangling Wet Brush
    Biodegradable Detangling Wet Brush

    Natural Ingredients


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    Ethical and Sustainable
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