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Why Trimming your Afro Hair Will Not Lead to Faster, Longer Growth

One myth I believed growing up was that "If you trim your curls, they will grow longer and faster”. If you were told this hair myth growing up and still hold onto it, get ready to get disappointed! Sure, trimming your hair a few inches will definitely make your it look and feel healthier, bouncier and lighter, but unfortunately, it won’t aid in actual afro hair growth. Join us as we debunk age-old hair myths that've lead us astray! 

Want to know the best afro hair growth tips? Read this

One question we’re often asked is “What are the best afro hair growth tips?” When women ask about afro hair growth tips, what they often mean is that they want tips on how to retain more length. Afro hair, like other hair types, grows at a rate of about half...

One Week to Stronger, Longer, Healthier Hair

Hair grows an average of 6 inches a year, so whilst you won’t become Rapunzel in the space of a week, you can retain around an eighth to a quarter of an inch of new weekly growth by following these simple steps. Short hair has the benefit of looking good with little effort whilst longer...

Healthy Hair Growth - 5 Surprising New Year Resolutions that Help

Want longer hair? You may have unknowingly committed to new year resolutions that will help on your healthy hair journey. Hair growth is about what we put into our bodies, genetic factors and how well we maintain the growth. A large part of that is down to our daily choices. So what...

New Hair, Who dis?

What better time to switch up your look than the new year! January is a great time to embrace healthy beauty choices and invest in quality natural ingredients that will help you to feel as good as you look. With 60% of what we put onto our body being absorbed...