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Essential Guide to Beard Care for Black Men

Every man who wants to grow a beard wants it to be full and thick in a couple of months, but the reality is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Growing a large beard takes a considerable amount of time and effort, especially for first-timers. First, there’s the growth element: the average beard grows at about half an inch a month, but this could be more or less for some. Then there’s the coverage element, even if your beard grows at the average rate (or higher) it may not cover every area you want it to right away — that’s where the maintenance comes in. 

15 Super Easy Halloween Hairstyles for Afros, Coils and Curls

Everyone wants to impress with their Halloween hairstyles and costumes, but finding the best look, whether it’s cute, cool or scary, can be a challenge, especially when you don’t want to put a ridiculous amount of effort into it.  

6 Disney Hairstyles For Natural Hair That We Can't Get Enough Of!

Believe it or not, Halloween is not far! So ahead of all the festivities and rush for costumes and make-up, we thought we'd pull together some of the best Disney-inspired hairstyles for natural hair. So whether you're looking for Halloween inspiration or just want to dress up as a fairy tale princess...

The Best 7 Transitioning Hairstyles To Try

Transitioning styles are for hair altered through relaxing, heat styling or any process that changes the hair's natural state and curl pattern. A transitioning style aids the regrowth of the hairs natural pattern while maintaining length and avoiding an unwanted 'big chop'. If you need help bringing back beautiful kinks...

How To Do a Puff On Natural Hair In 3 Easy & Pretty Ways!

Want to know how to do a puff on natural hair? In this tutorial, you'll learn how to moisturise your hair using the LCO method and how to style your puff in three different and pretty ways!

6 Of Our Favourite Braided Hairstyles

While braids are an easy and great way to forget about styling and protect your hair from harsh environmental factors, they can also be incredibly stylish. So whether you’re looking for a style for the office, an event, a date or just for you, there’s plenty on offer.

6 Super Easy Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Looking for an easy hairstyles for natural hair but that require minimal effort but delivers maximum impact? Look no further. We’ve compiled some of our favourite natural hairstyles based on how amazing they look and how easy they are to put together. We’ve even included a few tips to help...

20 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Love your curls and want to celebrate them on your big day? Need inspiration for wedding guest hairstyles for natural hair? You can do so much with your natural hair and here is your starting point! Browse some of our favourite looks courtesy of Pinterest, Instagram and more!

How To Wash Your Box Braids For Happy Hair and Scalp

Want to know how to wash your box braids without creating frizz? The technique we’re going to show you is a great method to keep your scalp clean and happy while you have braids in! It's also great if you have twists or locs. We've even included a helpful video tutorial...

7 Methods to Start Locs You Should Know About

Do you know your loc methods and types? Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few different types of locs or dreadlocks. Whether you’re considering loc’ing your hair or just intrigued by lovely world of locs and want to know more, our ultimate guide is here to help...

Your Ultimate Guide To The 5 Different Stages Of Locs

Wondering what the different stages of locs (also known as dreadlocks) are? If you’ve started your locs journey, we know it can be reassuring to know you’re on track and if you’re still thinking about loc’ing your hair, it can be helpful to know what to expect along the way.

9 Lovely Locs Hairstyles For Women

Ladies, are you looking for hairstyles for locs? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered our favourites to bring you nine lovely loc hairstyles for women, which we hope will inspire your next look. So get scrolling to see what gems we have in store for you!

13 Graduation Hairstyles For Natural Hair You'll Want To Rock ASAP!

Looking for graduation hairstyles for natural hair? We know that things are a bit up in the air at the moment, but all those years of hard work are coming to an end (and regardless of if it's IRL or virtual) you want to look the part.

7 Cute Summer Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Are you on the lookout for new summer hairstyles for afro and natural hair? The days are getting brighter and (hopefully) warmer, which means summer is around the corner! And we love the change in seasons because that means pretty summer hairstyles and outfits! Looking to get inspired? Then you've come...

7 Wonderful Ways To Use Soothe

Believe it or not, there are many wonderful ways to use your natural scalp oil! Lightweight and easily absorbed, Soothe penetrates the scalp softening hair at the roots (and did we mention, it's hailed by Vogue as one of the best scalp oils?). So, we know Soothe can help promote healthy hair...

7 Pretty Prom Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Looking for pretty prom hairstyles for natural hair? If you're on the hunt for prom hairstyles or just need formal hairstyles – then look not further. We know that with everything going on, things are looking rather uncertain but we've gathered some of our favourite, pretty and easy-to-do prom hairstyles...