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13 Cute Natural Hairstyles For Valentine’s, Galentine’s & Beyond!

Want to rock some cute natural hairstyles for Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day and beyond? Get inspired with our 13 favourite looks!

Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth?

Is it good to put rosemary oil on your hair? Can rosemary oil make your hair grow? We explore all the benefits of rosemary oil on hair. 

Got An Itchy Scalp? Here's What You Should Know

Itchy scalp is a frustrating problem that many people face. Learn the causes of itchy scalp, how to treat your itchy scalp and expert tips for prevention.

4 Benefits Of Castor Oil For Hair

Is it good to put castor oil on your hair? Does Jamaican black castor oil affect hair growth? We explore all the benefits of castor oil on hair. 

12 Natural Hairstyles To Rock In 2024

Find the best natural hairstyles for your hair with our selection of cool styles for 2024 and beyond.

Everything You Need To Know About Natural Hair Care In 2024

 Say hello to 2024 the right way with our essential afro and natural hair care guide. 

10 Easy Resolutions For Healthy Hair In 2024

2022 is over (phew!). So with this in mind, we thought we'd round up some easy to follow hair-resolutions to help guarantee you have the best hair all year around in 2023. 

15 Practical & Pretty Workout Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Check out our pretty and practical workout hairstyles for natural hair to inspire your next gym look!

23 Pretty Party Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Find the perfect party hairstyles for your natural hair with our selection of pretty styles for the festive season and beyond!

Do I really need shampoo to wash my afro hair?

Are you a fan of the #CurlyGirlMethod? Do you try to avoid shampooing your afro hair? If so - you could be doing more harm than good. We'll explain why...  

14 Stylish Beard Styles For Black Men

Looking for stylish beard styles for black men? Discover the very best (and coolest) beard styles for black men to rock right now.

18 Cool Natural Hairstyles For Men

Looking for the coolest natural hairstyles for men? Whether your hair is curly, coily, kinky, long or short – we have the best styles for black men.

24 Super Easy Halloween Hairstyles for Afros, Coils and Curls

Halloween is almost upon us (can you believe it?!). Get all the hair inspiration you need with our 24 easy Halloween hairstyles for natural hair!  

11 Cute & Easy Back-to-school Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Looking for easy back-to-school afro hairstyles for natural hair? Here are 11 inspiring back-to-school hairstyles to experiment with, alongside practical and easy hair care tips.

10 Tips to Avoid Hair Breakage

Got afro hair? Chances are you have suffered from breakage woes at some point. The last thing you want when taking care of your curls, is that feeling that your hair keeps breaking and doesn’t grow fast enough. We hear this complaint a lot. It can lead to thinking that...

6 Reasons To Stop Relaxing Your Hair NOW!

Every so often we realize we need to try and change our habits. Our resolutions are often big and ambitious, and women especially give themselves a hard time if not everything goes according to plan a few weeks in to those promises we made ourselves. New habits take weeks to...