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Is Baobab Oil Good For Your Hair?

Wondering about baobab oil and natural hair? Discover this oil’s benefits and how to use it

Why Is My Child's Hair So Dry? 5 Common Causes & Remedies

Has your child’s dry hair left you at your wits end? Wondering what is causing their hair to be so dry? You’re not alone – dry hair is a common issue, and the bane of curly and afro hair. Read on to find out the five ways you can solve...

29 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Love your curls and want to celebrate them on your big day? Need inspiration for wedding guest hairstyles for natural hair? You can do so much with your natural hair and here is your starting point! Browse some of our favourite looks courtesy of Pinterest, Instagram and more!

What is Dandruff? Causes & Treatments To Get Rid Of It ASAP

Dandruff is a common non-contagious dermatological disorder that affects the scalp. White-yellow or grey, oily flakes and scales of medium to large sizes appear on the hair and scalp while your skin can get very itchy and even sore. You might find those flakes and scales in your bedsheets, too.

5 Fab Ways to Use Nourish

 Nourish one of the newest additions to the Afrocenchix range. Find out five fantastic ways to use this Strengthening Biotin Oil and have the best hair ever!

The Benefits Of Wheat Germ For Hair

What are the benefits of wheat germ oil for your hair? Read our article to find out and how you should be using it.

11 Common Hair Breakage Causes & Treatments

The main causes of hair breakage are typically dry hair and frequent manipulation, but there any different causes. Structurally, our hair cuticle is made of overlapping 'scales' which help keep your hair strand together. In healthy, undamaged hair, these scales are intact, however breakage can occur when these scales are damaged or fall apart.

Should You Be Oiling Your Hair And Scalp?

Hair oils and scalp oils have been around forever, but does oiling your hair or scalp do it any good? Find out if there are benefits to this practice.

The Benefits Of Jojoba Oil For Hair

 Is jojoba oil good for your hair? Read our article to find out the benefits of jojoba oil for hair and how to use it.

9 Pretty Protective Hairstyles

Find the prettiest and practical protective hairstyles for natural hair to inspire your next look!

The Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair

Is coconut oil good for your hair? Read our article to find out the benefits of coconut oil for hair and how to use it.  

6 Tips For A 1 Hour Wash Day

Wash day taking too long? Use our tips and tricks to make your wash day a quick one hour.

Got An Itchy Scalp? 4 Common Causes and Treatments

Has an itchy scalp got you googling why is my scalp so itchy? Discover four of the most common itchy scalp causes and to treat them ASAP.

7 Easy Natural Hairstyles for Mums on the Go

Looking for some super easy natural hairstyles for mums? Get inspired with our favourite looks for busy mums always on the go!

13 Cute Natural Hairstyles For Valentine’s, Galentine’s & Beyond!

Want to rock some cute natural hairstyles for Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day and beyond? Get inspired with our 13 favourite looks!

Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth?

Is it good to put rosemary oil on your hair? Can rosemary oil make your hair grow? We explore all the benefits of rosemary oil on hair. 

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