The Moisture Surge Set

The Moisture Surge Set

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The key to soft, moisturised, manageable afro hair is to build a simple regime and use a quality natural Liquid, Oil and Cream to  L.O.C. in the moisture:

Our Moisture Surge Set comes with an instruction book to help you care for your hair. Depending on how dry your hair gets, you can follow the steps daily or weekly. For most women with afro hair, every few days works best.

This set contains products from our award winning range:

Sheen (250ml), refreshing moisturising spray delivers moisture to dry/frizzy strands and is the perfect product for combating breakage. With Aloe Vera and Grape Seed, this simple natural formula is great for moisturising and reviving frizzy, curly and Afro hair without leaving build up.

Seal (150ml), natural hair oil, keeps hair moisturised as it emulates the natural sebum produced on the scalp, locking in maximum moisture for easy manipulation. Our 100% natural hair oil is packed with super ingredients like Coconut and Jojoba oil, blended to combat breakage and aids growth through sealing in the moisture. 

Smooth (250ml), natural moisturising cream, is great for preventing breakage and moisturising an afro. Our naturally derived formula is the perfect product for growth as it nourishes, softens and revives Afro hair. Smooth is also great as a leave in conditioner, provides maximum moisture for easy manipulation of the hair.

Using these 3 simple steps will help you get your ‘yeah hair’ everyday.

Our 97-100% cruelty free natural products are free from: SLS/sulphates, parabens, silicons, parfum/artificial fragrances and anything harsh. That beautiful aroma that you’ll get complimented on whenever you get close to someone, is a fragrant blend of essential oils that we mixed up in the Afrocenchix kitchen. We work with scientists on our expertly formulated products before running trials with real women until they are just right.

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