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15 Super Easy Halloween Hairstyles for Afros, Coils and Curls

Everyone wants to impress with their Halloween hairstyles and costumes, but finding the best look, whether it’s cute, cool or scary, can be a challenge, especially when you don’t want to put a ridiculous amount of effort into it. 

Most of us are familiar with trick or treating, but Halloween was originally an ancient Celtic tradition that came with the festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. In the 8th century, All Saints Eve began to merge with Samhain and eventually became known as All Hallows’ Eve. As time passed, it became increasingly socialised and commercialised, leading to what we now have today — a little bit of fun! 

Of course, none of this history helps if you’re stuck working out what Halloween hairstyle to rock, so let’s get into the Halloween hairstyles perfect for natural hair!

Locs & Seashells - Calypso From Pirates of the Caribbean

Beautiful Black Woman with Locs & Seashells hairstyle inspired by Calypso From Pirates of the Caribbean - TheDeLaDoll - Halloween Hairstyles Afrocenchix Article

Image credit: @TheDeLaDoll

Calypso, the sea goddess, can bring a wave of applause to any Halloween party.

Whether you have locs already installed or want to use faux, simply add some shell hair accessories and beaded jewellery to create this sea-loving look.

The Locs Care Set has everything you need to have cleansed, moisturised, shiny hair, even when the parties are over.

Frida - Beyoncé 

Frida-inspired hairstyle on Beyoncé - Halloween hairstyles Afrocenchix Article

Image credit: @Beyoncé

Looking for a creative, bold statement and have a protective style that stays in place all night? Yoncé shows us how it's done.

You can braid, bantu or twist your hair to get a unique desired shape.

Add floral accessories, a butterfly clip or two and you're ready to paint the town!

Mini Mouse

Mini Mouse-inspired hairstyle worn by Ciara Halloween hairstyles Afrocenchix Article

Image credit: @ciara

These gorgeous puffs are perfect for a Mini-inspired costume or just a super cute look!

Create two puffs using the Essentials Accessories Pack to help shape the hair that's secure and snag-free.

Don a sweet red dress and, of course, Mini Mouse's classic bow in the middle of your do to become the perfect Disney darling.

Clueless Braids - Dionne 

Dionne from Clueless Braids Instagram image @francheezy24_7 - Halloween hairstyles Afrocenchix Article
Image credit: @francheezy24_7

Are you 'totally buggin' or feeling 'clueless' about what style to go for?

The iconic box braids that the character Dionne wears in the film Clueless are not only recognisable, but you can wake up the day after Halloween and have an outstanding style.  

An All Seeing Afro 

All Seeing Afro-insired hairstyle Halloween hairstyles for natural hair - Afrocenchix Article pexels-cottonbro-5553892

Are you the type that sees everything coming? Well then, maybe this eye-catching look is for you!

Add our nourishing Smooth Cream to bring your fro to life, hydrating your kinks and curls. 

Pop in some 'eyes' around your kinks and curls for a simple, eye-catching look.

The 60's Flower Child 

60s Flower Child-inspired hairstyle pexels-ezekixl-akinnewu-946240 Halloween hairstyles for natural hair - Afrocenchix article

This burst of fresh floral frivolity is a perfect look for your inner 60's flower child.

Grab your gardening gloves and get snipping. 

Simply leave a little bit of the stem on the flower and use our Black Curved Bobby Pins to fasten the flowers in place.

You can, of course, use faux flowers too - totally up to you!

Cosmic Girl 

Cosmic Girl inspired hairstyle and makeup - Halloween hairstyles Afrocenchix Article tinashe-mwaniki--mMg8mc2_M4-unsplash

If you love Jamiroquai and want to look out of this world, then a Cosmic Girl may be for you. 

Wash-in, wash-out hair colour wax will do the trick to achieve any colour you like.

For extra volume, pick out your kinks with a wide-tooth comb at the roots and add a sprinkle of glitter for that extra oomph.

Madonna Locs

Madonna-inspired locs Halloween hairstyles for natural hair - Afrocenchix Article - simi-iluyomade-hWUYHO7Wbhc-unsplash

Simply divine. This is an excellent alternative for those who want a style they can keep in well after All Hallows' Eve.

Add a gorgeous crown and sheer veil to enhance this ensemble.

If (like us) you have found crowns sometimes to be a little unkind to volume, consider creating this look with either locs, braids or twists with smaller sections to help with the crown placement.

Afrocenchix Moisture Surge Set can help aid the holiest of shines and bring your inner curl divinity to life.

Afro Pigtails: Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad

Halloween hairstyles for afro hair: Afro Pigtails: Harley Quinn with afro hair

Image credit: @analidialopess

Harley Quinn — one of the most iconic (and cool) female supervillains created by DC comics — also sports (usually) one of the easiest hairstyles: pigtails.

So rather than mess around with time-consuming halloween hairstyles that damage your hair, you could just go for afro pigtails and dress up as one of the most beloved characters in comic book history. Afro pigtails are simple, easy to do and look great no matter what the occasion! 

Styling tip: Looking for an easy way to 'colour' your afro hair? Check out our latest video with our co-founder Rachael Corson, where she shows how to colour natural hair.

Bantu Knots: Niobe, Black Panther

Halloween hairstyles for afro hair: Ciara with Banut knots hairstyle

Image credit: @ciara

Cute, cool and effortlessly stylish, bantu knots are a great halloween hairstyle for you to try and are entirely heatless (so you’ll avoid damaging your hair and spending an inordinate amount of time getting ready for your evening). 

Though bantu knots are more of a traditional hairstyle (and are actually small coiled buns secured against the side of the head, rather than knots) they’re making a massive resurgence thanks to films like Black Panther. You could even dress up as one of the Dora Milaje or Niobe (The Matrix) to complete the look this halloween! 

Wash and Go: Rosalind, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Halloween hairstyles for afro hair:  Rosalind from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina with Wash and Go hair

Image credit: @sabrinanetflix

If you want to embrace your natural hairstyle this Halloween, why not go for a natural look with a simple wash and go or twist out? 

This is a great and easy to create hairstyle that’ll look great with any Halloween outfit. (Consider going as Rosalind from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina if you’re looking for inspiration!).

Styling tip: Our Moisture Surge Set is perfect for making sure your hair is moisturised and looking it's best. 

Large Afro: Domino, Deadpool 2

Halloween hairstyles: Large Afro: Domino, Deadpool 2

Image credit: @cheyennejazwiseofficial

If you’ve seen Deadpool 2, you’ll no doubt be familiar with Domino, a probability-altering mutant with an amazing large afro (at least in the most recent incarnation of her). 

But if you’re not familiar with her — don’t worry because the great thing about this particular Halloween hairstyle is that it requires little to no effort. Just make sure your afro is free from build-up by washing your hair with Swishour sulphate-free shampoo. 

Braided Bun: Shuri, Black Panther

Halloween hairstyles for afro hair: Braided Bun: Shuri, Black Panther

Image credit: @blackpanther

Yet another fabulous hairstyle from Black Panther, why not dress up as the princess of Wakanda — Shuri — by going with a braided bun? It’s a stylish look that can also be made very unique through statement accessories. 

Locs and headband: Michonne from The Walking Dead

Halloween hairstyles for black hair: Locs and headband: Michonne from The Walking Dead

Image credit: @thewalkingdead

If you’re looking for a cool outfit this Halloween, The Walking Dead’s Michonne needs to be on your list! All you need to do is style your hair into locs/faux locs and sure you find a leather vest, a prop katana and some boots to complete the look! 

Styling tip: Our Essential Accessories Pack features headbands that are great for recreating this look, plus everything in the pack is snag-free. So you don't have to worry about damaging your hair!

Afro buns: Princess Leia, Star Wars

Halloween hairstyles for black hair: Woman with Afro buns like Princess Leia, Star Wars

Image credit: @cheyennejazwiseofficial

Go for a tried-and-tested Halloween favourite by dressing up as Princess Leia (Star Wars) and styling your natural hair into some space buns. It’s a timeless look and doesn’t take any time at all (plus people will always love it). 

Those are our seven cute Halloween hairstyles. Feeling inspired? We hope so! As always, make sure you have the right hair care products and routine to ensure your hair is the best it can be (it might be worth checking out our ultimate guide to afro hair care if you need help). 

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