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3 Ways to Reduce Breakage When Wearing Braids

As we approach the glory of summer, festival and holiday season, you may be thinking of incorporating some low maintenance hairstyles into your hair care routine. When it comes to low maintenance, most naturals automatically think braids.

Braid styles are fab as they help minimise breakage by giving your hair time to grow without being exposed to over manipulation and the elements
When they are installed and maintained correctly, braids are versatile and effective as a protective style. Unfortunately, problems can arise as poor installation and hair neglect can lead to damage and hair breakage.

Read on to find out our 3 tips for reducing breakage when wearing braids! 

1. Moisture is key

Although Afro hair thrives when tucked away, your 'fro still requires moisture whilst you rock your braids. Moisture is essential for keeping your hair healthy and minimising breakage.

You will still need to wash and condition your hair for good braid care. Wet your natural hair and focus the conditioner on the roots, then spread down the length of your natural hair. Rinse then gently dry. 

Between washes, spray a light mist of moisturising spray every morning and night directly on your hair. You'll really see the difference this makes after removing your braids! Instead of feeling hard and crunchy, your tresses will be soft and luscious!

Keep your scalp clean

A clean scalp is really the foundation of any hairstyle. Once your scalp is clean, it will react to products a lot better and you will see the benefit on the braid-style you choose. Braids can lead to build-up faster than usual so be sure to cleanse with a sulphate free shampoo. This will ensure that your scalp is cleaned without stripping it of its natural oils. This will allow you to rock your braids for longer.

Apply a small amount of Swish directly to your scalp and the root of the braids, working the shampoo in. Let the water run down your braids when rinsing and dry using a gentle scrunching technique.


 Afro hair products for braids

3. Oil your bands

If you go for the rubber band method when installing braids, (make sure that they are the super stretchy clear type) coat them in a light oil. This is best to be done prior to tying up your sections. Soothe is specifically created for the scalp, so it will give your rubber bands a little slip and it will also reduce tension. This will keep your scalp happy and healthy whilst the braids are in, allowing you to enjoy your braids without worrying about damage caused by any pulling.

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