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9 Amazing Fall Hair Colours for Black Women

Autumn (or fall) is finally upon us! As the seasons change and we transition from summer to winter, we've started to look for beautiful hair colour inspiration.

The change of the season is often the perfect opportunity to make a change yourself — out with the old, in with the new, as some would say. 

Thinking about changing up your look? Keep scrolling to see which fall hair colours for black women made our cut!

Jewel Tones 

Rachael Corson cofounder of Afrocenchix with purple hair

Experimental, trendy and perfect for making a statement, jewel-tones can make your hair pop during fall. When we talk about jewel tones we mean richly saturated hues like ruby red, amethyst purple, emerald green (there’s also citrine yellow and sapphire blue, but those are much harder to pull off during fall). 

Editor's tip: Looking for an easy way to 'colour' your afro hair? Check out our latest video with our co-founder Rachael Corson, where she shows how to colour natural hair.


mariamachadowm pretty black woman with brown curly natural hair

Image credit: @mariamachadowm 

A tried-and-tested fall favourite. You can’t go wrong with brown. It’s one of those timeless colours that can work with any skin tone and any outfit. For a more natural look, you can alter the colour of the base of your hair — consider a warm brown or chocolate brown with light brown ends. 

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naturallynefertiti with red natural hair looking down

Image credit: @naturallynefertiti

During fall and winter, shades of red are incredibly popular. Deep shades like burgundy, dark red, merlot or anything wine-coloured will look great. You can add a bit of vibrance or flair to the look by opting for highlights, giving a great contrast between the red and the other colour. Lastly, red is a great choice that complements a good deal of skin tones! 

Pumpkin Spice Latte

shaddah_elyse with short pumpkin spice coloured short curly hair

Image credit: @shaddah_elyse

A mix of golden highlights and copper midlights using your natural hair colour as the background, this colour is almost representative of fall and — because the tones are fairly neutral — will go with any potential look. If you like, you can shift your base to a more bold colour to get the gold to pop.

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Honey Hues 

smiling black woman with short blonde hair

While there are more platinum shades during the summer, blonde hues do start to come out during the fall. Bright honey tones that shine and sparkle find their place amongst the oranges, yellows, reds and browns of fall. 


chantellemarcu beautiful black woman with black afro hair holding her head

Image credit: @chantellemarcu

Another timeless colour, black is bold, dramatic and full of character. Transitioning to black during the cooler months will help prevent fading due to sun exposure, so it’s a good idea and worthy of being one of the best fall hair colours for black women.  

Black-Brown Mix

 Close up of a black woman with brown-black box braids

If black is a little too dramatic (or daunting) for you, a black-brown mix is a suitable alternative that’s ideal for several skin tones. Think black and dark brown, mahogany, dark coffee, dark chocolate — there are so many variations! 

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Steel Grey/Platinum

thecurlsguide smiling woman with curly grey hair

Make your transition to grey a little more subtle by adding dark grey highlights to a black and grey base. It’s a sophisticated, cool look that will be perfect for the fall and winter months. Who says grey can’t be awesome?

Sun-kissed Hues

keekzcurls with blowdried sun kissed afro hair 

Image credit: @keekzcurls

With the pandemic making it difficult for many to get their hair done, expect to see a lot of sun-kissed, blended and 'lived-in' colours this fall. These tones are low maintenance but still have plenty of detail. 

How To Care For Coloured Afro Hair 

Coloured your afro hair but not sure how to look after it? In this video, Rachael, co-founder of Afrocenchix, talks through 5 ways you can adjust your routine to help keep your coloured afro hair moisturised and minimise breakage

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