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How to Care for Your Natural Hair Under a Wig 

This article was written by Aasiyah Abdulsalam, founder of The Renatural, a company creating never before seen products for the wig industry.

It’s no secret how effective protective styles like wigs can be in helping to protect natural hair – c’mon, the name says it all. They’re a great way to switch up your style, grow your hair out or protect it as it recovers from conditions like alopecia

But simply putting your hair away under a nice wig won’t help you make the most of the protective nature of the style. While it would be nice to just be able to cornrow or twist our hair up and leave it to its own devices as we show off our wig collections, it’s not enough and can actually cause adverse effects. 

Throughout this blog post, we’ll be going over tips you should incorporate into your hair routine. These will allow you to get the most out of the protective benefits of wearing wigs with the help of Afrocenchix’s newly curated Under The Wig Set and The Renatural's The Wig Fix ™.

Regularly Wash Your Hair 

Prepping your hair in anticipation of wearing a wig is key in your hair routine. This starts with ensuring the hair is clean and free of any prior product build up which otherwise could lead to breakage

Using a suitable shampoo is super important as you want something gentle but tough enough to do the job. In comes Swish. Swish is a sulphate free shampoo that gives your hair a crisp clean and removes build up without stripping it of moisture. Scientifically formulated but containing 97% natural ingredients means you’re getting the best of both worlds – it works and it does so by using ingredients that are good for your hair like Aloe Vera and fruity essential oils. 

How you wash your hair is also something to keep in mind. Watch the video below to see how we use Swish:

After cleansing, next step is conditioning which is where Swirl comes in. Swirl is a silicone-free conditioner that delivers ultimate slip for easy detangling and conditioning. With aloe vera concentrate, coconut extract and avocado oil, Swirl helps with hydration, decreasing frizz and leaving your hair feeling as great as ever. 

Moisturising Your Hair is Important

Afro-Caribbean hair textures are notorious for requiring as much hydration and moisture as they can get. Due to the curl pattern of natural hair, it often makes it more difficult for natural scalp oils to travel down the strands which is what often contributes to breakage. So giving your natural hair a little extra help can go a long way in keeping it moisturised. 

image of sheen, smooth and soothe with citrus fruit and plants

We love to use Sheen, Smooth and Soothe for this as part of the LCO/LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method

Although, they’re all great products on their own, combining these three hero products and using them as part of the LCO/LOC method will guarantee super moisturised and healthy hair. Think of it this way – Sheen acts as the first step in the road to increasing moisture, Smooth will fortify this and lastly, Soothe will seal in all the moisture provided by Sheen and Smooth! They’re the perfect trio.

Don't Forget About Scalp Care 

It can be easy to get caught up in just taking care of your hair but your scalp is just as if not even more important. After all, it’s where all the hair is coming from. Common issues for people with natural hair is a dry scalp or problems with product build-up which can lead to itchiness.

Making sure to clean regularly is a big part of scalp care but make sure not to wash your hair too frequently as it can lead to excessive dryness or increased oiliness as your body tries to overcompensate for a lack of moisture. Everyone is different – some people find they need to wash their hair every two weeks and others only once a month. We recommend initially washing your hair every 10 days and adjusting accordingly depending on how you find this and if it affects your life. For instance, if you exercise a lot and sweat a lot, you might find you need to wash your hair more regularly. 

Make sure to also focus suitable products on your scalp. Soothe, can be used to keep dryness at bay and even relieve itchiness and flakiness – common issues for wig wearers. Just apply in sections all over your scalp or simply between your braids or twists regularly. 

Let Your Hair and Scalp Breathe

Letting your hair and scalp ‘breathe’ away from your wig can be great in helping the health of your hair and it’s not a difficult thing to do. Small things like not wearing a wig when you’re relaxing at home can go a long way in allowing your hair short but regular breaks from your wig. 

Do’s and Dont’s for Applying/Securing Your Wig

Applying a wig correctly is key to making sure your hair – both from your scalp and your wig stays in the best condition. Poor application can lead to breakage to your hair and/or damage to your wig. We recommend always applying your wig starting with the back and finishing with the front.

Make sure to not apply your wig on wet hair. It might sound like a no-brainer to apply your wig to dry hair but apart from being uncomfortable, it could cause your hair to break. 

Also, reconsider your attachment method. Clips, combs, tapes and glue might sound like a good idea now, but they’ve been known to cause problems like traction alopecia. In most cases, this happens slowly over time so it can be hard to notice at first. No one wants that so we recommend using a product like The Wig Fix ™

The Renatural's Wig fix

The Wig Fix ™ is a headband made from 100% skin-soft silicone and uses the natural gripping abilities of silicone to keep your wig in place. In a universal size and a transparent colour, it’s easy to use and will keep your wig secured without pulling away at your edges. 

Styling Your Hair under Your Wig

Black woman with cornrows being plaited

Image credit:

We’re champions of cornrows or flat twists under wigs. They’re quick, help your wig lay flat for a more natural look and also protect your natural hair at the same time. They can also last for weeks at a time meaning you’re not manipulating your hair as much and not encouraging breakage. 

Nighttime Tips for Wig Wearers

Woman with natural hair lying in bed

Image credit:

Before going to sleep, make sure you remove your wig and store it correctly. We recommend brushing it free of tangles and then storing it safely on a mannequin head or in a silk-lined pouch. You can also read up on more wig storage tips here

As for your natural hair, for daily/weekly care by giving it a spritz with Sheen or oiling your scalp with Soothe can go a long way in improving the health of your hair. Your body does most of its work at night so using those products as a pick me up in between your washes and deep conditions can make all the difference. 

Additionally, don’t leave your hair uncovered. Sleeping directly on cotton is a big no-no. The fabric sucks away at moisture in your hair which leads to dryness and breakage. Instead, wear a satin bonnet, durag or scarf to bed. If you wanna take it the extra mile, even invest in some silk or satin pillowcases. These can also prevent wrinkles so it’s a win-win for both your skin and your hair. 

Black woman with black and white satin lined bonnet

What did you think of these tips on caring for your natural hair under your wig? Did you learn anything new? It might seem like a lot at first but once you create a set hair routine and stick to it, it just becomes a part of your daily life which is the key to healthy natural hair under your wigs. Having a solid, consistent routine will give your hair the nutrients it needs to become healthier over time and ultimately, healthy hair is the goal. 

All the products mentioned the article have been curated and are available in our 

Under The Wig Set.

Aasiyah AbdulsalamBy Aasiyah Abdulsalam: Aasiyah is the founder of The Renatural, a company creating never before seen products for the wig industry. 'We are creating, bonding and attaching our wigs in similar ways the Ancient Egyptians did 3000 years ago. Current methods of attachment are harmful – causing issues such as skin infections, tension headaches and traction alopecia etc. – time-consuming, unrealistic, confusing and expensive. The industry is overdue for structural change and The Renatural is here to lead it.'

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