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How To Wash Your Box Braids For Happy Hair and Scalp

Want to know how to wash your box braids without creating frizz? The technique we’re going to show you is a great method to keep your scalp clean and happy while you have braids in.

Washing your braids especially if you have long braids can be cumbersome and often the braids don't dry properly, which can introduce moulds and fungi – which isn't what anyone wants! 

You can use this method to cleanse your scalp every 7-10 days, then once you uninstall your braids in roughly 6 weeks, you can give your hair and scalp a thorough cleanse. The technique we outline is also great if you have twists or locs and want to keep your scalp happy and healthy without having to wet your hair. And did we mention this method will also cause less frizz?

So, keep scrolling or watch our video to discover how our co-founder, Rachael Corson, washes her braids using our ‘waterless’ method. 

1. Grab Your Sulphate-free Shampoo 

Get your bottle of sulphate-free shampoo (we recommend Swish, of course) and a packet of Water Wipes. 

NB: It’s important to make sure you get WaterWipes or a similar brand that contains just water. 

2. Cleanse Your Scalp

Add a little bit of Swish to the WaterWipe and gently rub the wipe together, so that it foams a little.

Then take the wipe and use the wipe to cleanse your scalp (kind of how you would apply toner to your face or gently wash your face with a cloth). 

3. 'Rinse’ Your Scalp

Once you have done a little section of your head, grab a fresh WaterWipe and go over the section of scalp you have 'washed' with Swish. This will help remove the shampoo from your scalp. 

4. Repeat On The Rest Of Your Scalp

When you have done a little section of your head, repeat steps two and three, until you have cleansed all of your scalp. 

5. Apply Scalp Oil

Apply a lightweight scalp oil, such as Soothe, to your now clean scalp and gently massage. This will help keep your scalp happy and also stimulate blood flow. 

A good scalp oil not only emulates your scalp’s natural sebum, but it also creates a layer that protects it from the weather conditions and even insect bites!

Just remember to massage and not to rub the oil into your scalp (watch the video, above for pointers from Rachael!).

6. Spray Your Braids

Finally, grab a hydrating hair spray, such as Sheen, and generously mist your braids. This will instantly make your braids look fresher and also hydrate your hair in the process! 

If your braids are looking very frizzy, wrap and tie a silk or satin headscarf on your head for 5-10 minutes to help smooth any frizz. Et voila – you’re done! 

Editor's Tip For Those With Locs: Whether you’re new to locs or just starting out, our set is designed to help your locs thrive! The Afrocenchix Locs Care Set contains a curated selection of products from our award-winning range to help you cleanse and moisturise your locs so they stay lovely.

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