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How to Care for your Afro Hair this Summer

Summer is great for afro hair!

The drying winter winds and wooly scarfs that snag kinks and curls are gone,  leaving afro hair free to shine in the sun. There are, however, a few key things to consider to keep your hair looking its best.

Warm weather and humidity can mean dryness and frizz without the correct care. 

Knowing how afro hair and curls are affected by summer is the first step in living your best summer life!

4 Top tips on how to care for your afro hair during summer

During the summer there are 4 main things you need to consider: UV damage, dryness from the sun, humidity and excess sweat. 

1. Avoid over exposure (minimise UV damage)

UV rays damage afro hair, just as they damage our skin. The best way to avoid this is to stay out of direct sunshine. Add a hat or headscarf to a protective style when the sun is at its brightest and you'll keep your hair and skin from sun damage.

2. Slay that sweat

In the summer we sweat more and this can lead to build up on our scalps that can cause itchiness and mess with growth. Using a sulphate free shampoo to cleanse regularly, and then following up with your moisturising routine will keep your scalp healthy and your afro hair looking fresh this summer.

3. Embrace humidity (or protective style to avoid frizz)

Whilst there are dozens of sun protectors, anti frizz serums and the like on the market, the most efficient and eco friendly (and pocket friendly!) solution is to protect your hair from direct sunshine and extreme humidity in the first place.

Opt for headscarfs, hats and wear protective styles where the ends of your hair (the oldest and most fragile parts) are tucked away. Styles like buns and braids are stylish, low maintenance and keep your hair from frizzing up by keeping it away.

Like your hair to have volume? Rock a twist out or an undefined fro and embrace the frizz which gives you bigger hair!

4. Drench the dryness 

Warm weather can lead to dry afro hair. Using the LOC method of layering moisturising products and oils is a great way to protect against this. After cleansing with a sulphate free shampoo, following up with a Lotion, Oil and Cream (LOC) is the best way to keep your hair looking great this summer.

Afrocenchix Afro Hair summer products

Best Afro and curly hair product recommendations

Finding good afro hair products can be an ethical minefield. Our scientifically formulated range is created by women with afro and curly hair, for women with afro and curly hair.We were the first brand for afro hair to be stocked in Whole Foods UK and we innovate in ethical and sustainable business practices.

Our award-winning range is packed with Fairtrade, raw and organic natural ingredients.This summer try Swish, our sulphate free shampoo (featured on Indy Best) and the Moisture Surge Set which has everything you need for the LOC method including a handy instruction book. The oil in this set was also selected as the Indy Best oil for afro hair

If opting for a protective style, we have a set for that too.

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