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Caring for Afro Hair – How to Save Time

Looking for tips to save time yet still ensure you’re on top of your hair care routine? We pull together our favourite practical ways to make managing your hair speedier. 

1. Do treatments while you’re doing other things 

Whether it’s a pre-poo or a conditioning treatment, make sure to do them while doing other activities to maximise your time. Binge watching shows, reading books or doing chores around the house can be easily done with your shower cap on. You can even hide your shower cap under a hat if you want to pop to the shops or get that run in!   

2. Wash your hair in sections

We know when you’re short on time, it seems easier to just wash all of your hair at once, but sectioning your hair will help cut down on post-wash detangling time. Split your hair into four sections (more if your hair is thicker) and create large twists. Gently wash each section and re-twist, before applying your conditioner and finger detangling. Trust us, you’ll whiz through these easy-to-manage sections!

3. Make moisture a priority 

As many of us know firsthand, dryness can be a huge issue with afro hair. It also makes your hair more susceptible to breakage and single strand knots, which can add time to your wash day and styling process. An easy way to make moisture your friend is by layering your hair products using the LOC method/LCO method (liquid, oil and cream). 

Our Moisture Surge Set contains products for all three layers: Sheen natural moisturising spray (liquid), Seal (hair oil) and Smooth (moisturising cream).

4. Wear a bonnet or durag to bed

A simple way to protect your protective hairstyles and reduce manipulation or friction is to wear a satin-lined bonnet to sleep. The satin will help your hair retain moisture and protect your hair from friction while you’re sleeping. Not to mention, if there’s less friction your hairstyle will look cuter for longer, which means you can sleep in a little longer in the mornings! 

5. Use a microfibre towel

Because they’re quick drying, microfibre towels can help you shave time off of your wash day. It also helps reduce friction (so less frizz and breakage).

Our microfibre towel even has two buttons, so you can secure your hair in a turban and go about doing other things. 

6. Protective style your hair 

Keep hair manipulation down and the vulnerable ends of your hair tucked away by carrying hairstyles like braids, twists or buns. They make for practical protective hairstyles that can be worn all week which means your hair has less chance of getting tangled or breaking. 

7. Get a subscription for your favourite hair products

Let’s be honest, running out of your favourite shampoo or hair cream and then making the time to sit down and reorder them is time you could be using elsewhere. But having a subscription for your most frequently used products will help you save on time and also on money. By subscribing to receive your favourite Afrocenchix products, you save a tidy 5%, in fact. 

Products are automatically delivered on your schedule and there’s no obligation – you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

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