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Common Afro Hair Myths

Afro hair is very misunderstood. Learn the truth about common afro hair myths.

Common Afro Hair Myths

Afro hair is very misunderstood. Learn the truth about common afro hair myths.

Celebrating Women Who Are Winning this International Women's Day

This years theme for International Women’s Day is “#EachforEqual.” The theme calls on all of us to stand on the right side of history: to address inequities, broaden perceptions and celebrate women's achievements. At Afrocenchix we're saying #EachforEqual by celebrating women that have inspired and challenged us to be and...

New Year, New Hair

Decided that January is the time to switch up your look? The New Year is a great time (of course, not the only time) to embrace healthy hair choices and invest in quality ingredients for your hair. If you've decided to stop relaxing or straightening your hair with heat, we...

How to Recover from that Nightmare Hair Salon Experience...

Having an awful salon trip is like watching someone iron a hole in your favourite silk dress. When you go to a salon you want to leave with your hair looking great. You pay good money for an experienced professional and hope that it will be a therapeutic experience. You...

Afro Hair Products and Silicones: Why to Avoid Them

With so much much conflicting information around on the internet, we've put together a simple guide to understanding how silicones can affect your afro hair. Read on to learn how silicones in your Afro Hair products impact your Afro Hair routine.

Why hair typing is unscientific

Afrocenchix believes that there is only one hair type and that’s no hair type. In this blog, we discuss why strict hair typing systems are not scientific. It's better to base your healthy hair care routine on your hair's condition and on restoring and maintaining moisture.

6 common homemade hair treatments that don’t work

With homemade 'natural' Afro hair products gaining traction, we wanted to clear up if they are more effective for hair use. Will these simple recipes full of avocado and egg save you money in the long run? It may be better to eat the ingredients rather than waste them on...

Why do natural ingredients work wonders on afro hair?

Many people wonder whether swapping over from "mainstream" or synthetic-based hair products to natural hair care really makes a difference to their afro hair. In this blog, we'll explain why your natural hair loves products with natural ingredients.

Will switching to natural afro hair products save you money?

Can you save money by switching to natural afro hair products and what are the benefits of them? Find out by reading our blog.

Black-Owned British Gifts that Support Our Community

It's that time of year again! Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones but who doesn't love to give a good gift?! Community is important to us and so we've compiled this gift list of goods by amazing black women and black-owned businesses.

Do you believe these myths about afro hair?

Natural hair is becoming more and more common, yet many afro myths are still floating around. Most of these have been passed down from generation to generation...

Celebrating 10 Inspiring British Women this International Women's Day

We love International Women's Day. Seeing our feeds full of intelligent, beautiful, talented women building each other up is always a joy. This year we are celebrating some inspiring black women from our home shores. 1. Vinna - Curly Treats Fest View this post on Instagram A post shared by...

Jacqueline's Hair Story - Why She Went Natural

In this series we are sharing hair stories from women like you. This time it's all about Sky TV presenter Jacqueline Shepherd.

The History of the Afro Comb

This post is based on a fuller article by culture blogger Kirsty of MisBeee Writes on the Origins of the Afro Combs - 6000 years of Culture, Politics and Identity exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum. Use of the Afro Comb dates back 6,000 years. Combs may have started out as functional tools...

Black Feminine Beauty in Art

 One of the things we love about social media is its ability to expose us to things we might otherwise have been unlikely to come across because of geography. Instagram has definitely made the world smaller and diminished the vastness of the oceans. Below we have highlighted three artists we...

How Not to Leave the Salon in Tears

In this post, Afrocenchix co-founder Rachael recounts her nightmare salon experience and how much harm was caused. She also gives tips for what to do when in the salon so that your voice is heard and you avoid the awful experience and make sure your salon trips are positive.