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5 Tips For Being Confident Wearing Your Natural Hair

Let’s be honest, learning how to be confident wearing your natural hair is almost 90% of the journey. Want some practical tips for being confident when wearing your natural hair? We have some helpful tips that’ll aid in getting you comfortable with your natural hair in all its glory! 

1. Join A Community 

Joining a natural hair community filled with like-minded people is a great way to get support with your hair and more. It is a great way to exchange tips and tricks and connect with people (especially during lockdown). You could even create one with your friends via whatsapp, and social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are also great.

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2. Create A Vision (Hair) Board 

Have you seen pics of amazing natural hair that you love? We hope you have a Pinterest board to pin it to? If not, now is that time to share one! Saving beautiful images of people with natural hair is great hair inspiration, it’s also a great way of celebrating natural hair and the perfect way to make sure all your inspiration, favourite videos and blog posts are all in one place. Looking for a place to start? Why not follow the Afrocenchix Pinterest boards? They are full of hair-spiration and more. 

3. Be Nice About Your Hair

How we speak about ourselves makes a huge impact on how we feel. Likewise for your hair. So it’s time to start speaking about your natural hair using positive words. Drop negative or derogatory terms and start talking about how much you love your hair. Why not set yourself a goal of saying one nice thing about your hair a day? You could make a list of all the reasons why you love your hair or even put them on Postit notes around the house. Then when you need a pep in your step you can read them and feel a bit better. 

4. Learn What Works For Your Hair  

The concept of creating an effective hair care routine can seem overwhelming for many but it’s all part of learning how to love and confidently wear your natural hair. If you have a regular routine then it will be easy to know what works for you and what doesn't. Without a routine it's hard to know what needs to be fixed if something goes wrong or if you try a new product out. Why not start by doing our hair quiz? It’s a great way to get personalised hair product and content recommendations. 

5. Wear Your Natural Hair Out

Try to get used to wearing your natural hair. So this means experimenting with natural hairstyles and also rocking your natural hair out and proud. We know it’s not always possible due to the weather etc but we think it’s important to see yourself with your natural hair. Why not take some cute selfies to celebrate your hair too! 

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