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Community Spotlight - We're stronger together

This is a time to be there for the community. We know many of you are freelancers, small business owners and contractors and we want to support you.

If you need someone to share your struggle with, don’t suffer in silence, drop us an email or a call. If we can help, we will help.

Here are a few ways we can offer you our support:

1.Spotlight your product or service in our mailing list or on social media if your business is struggling in this pandemic.

2. Schedule in a 15-min call to talk strategy / risk management. We’re constantly researching and updating the Afrocenchix COVID-19 damage mitigation strategy & we’re happy to talk through what your business can do to survive. From advice on cutting cost and accessing grants and loans to suggestions on how to make working from home run smoothly.

3. Offer a listening set of ears. Drop us an email, give us a call, send us a DM and we will be here for you.

Forward this link to any of your friends and family that may need it, or any Side Hustle Queens that could do with a boost!

Community Spotlight

We'll get through this, together.

Several members of the community got back to us on our offer of help. They've asked us to share their services with the community, so we've posted these below.

Super Tutoring

Super Tutoring provides quality online tuition at affordable prices. They prepare children (school years 4 - 6) for the 11 plus and independent school exams. They plug the gap between what’s learnt at school and what’s needed to pass the 11 plus exam. They focus on improving confidence and building subject knowledge.

Call: 0161 831 7267 or 07951 725687 | Website: / Shared by Claud Cunningham

Jemima Gutu Counselling

Jemima is a fully qualified integrative psychotherapist (BACP registered). She works with clients with a range of presenting issues including anxiety, depression and identity. She is passionate about working with transcultural issues and is experienced in working with children and adolescents.

She is now offering telephone counselling which is just like having a face-to-face counselling session you’re talking to a trained counsellor over the phone. Get in touch for more information.

Email: | Website: / Shared by Jemima

Scalp and Hair Clinic

If you are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, the reasons can include genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, hair care practices, medication or medical conditions.

Dr Ingrid Wilson is an internationally recognised Trichologist and GP with a decade of experience of helping people with hair loss conditions. She has taught, lectured and examined in Trichology and has had articles on hair loss published widely.

She will conduct a detailed hair loss consultation with you. Her sessions can now be conducted virtually. She can advise you on the medical, nutritional and cosmetic approach to hair loss.

She can arrange blood tests for you in London at The Doctors Laboratory. This is still possible during Lockdown. Home skin prick blood tests are also available.

Call: 0208 050 6343 | Email: | Website: / Shared by Ingrid

Curly by Nature

Curly by Nature offer face-to-face and virtual hair care appointments. Using natural products, their experts will consult with you to provide a personalised hair care regimen. They focus on ensuring that clients learn the key principles of treating, styling and re-twisting their hair through interactive video coaching sessions.

If you wish to support them during this time, you can also purchase a gift card that can be used in future when face-to-face hair care services resume. Book your virtual appointment here.

Follow them on: Twitter | Instagram / Shared by Klerissa


Is a condiments company that only uses vegan and natural ingredients. They focus on finding ways to make Caribbean foods that everyone can enjoy as they are vegan and free from nuts and gluten.

Try the hand-made condiments that use pickles, chutneys, sauces and syrups based on recipes from across the Caribbean to give your lockdown recipes that extra kick.

Follow them on: Instagram | Browse their Website / Shared by Natasha

Floral Glory UK

Floral Glory UK is a family-run business based in the West Midlands that provides floral arrangements for weddings, funerals and all manner of events in between.

They love flowers in all their weird and wonderful colours, shapes and sizes; but we appreciate that they just don’t last as long as our hearts would desire. With that in mind, they primarily design artificial arrangements and centrepieces but can provide bespoke natural arrangements too.

Browse their Flower Shop for beautiful wreaths that are currently on sale.

Follow them on: Instagram | Twitter / Shared by Michelle

Milk & Honey Events

Milk & Honey Events is an events business that aims to employ and empower mothers seeking flexible work. They also deliver impactful workshops around personal development and skill discovery. Once we're out of lockdown, they will continue to foster a community network that combats isolation and loneliness through regular coffee mornings.

The founder recently entered the Natwest and Crowdfunder competition called ‘Back Her Business’ to help turn her side hustle into a full-time business. Support them by pledging and sharing the crowdfunding page, here.

Follow them on: Facebook | Instagram / Shared by Esana

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen is food business that helped kick start an African food revolution. They're raising funds to open as a community kitchen to feed some of the most vulnerable in Hackney, Poplar and Bow communities for the next three months.

They are not eligible to apply for government loans and grants and require crowdfunding sources to stay operational and have funds to pay support staff during this coronavirus pandemic. Support and share their work via this link to their crowdfunding page.

Follow them on: Instagram | Twitter / Shared by Zoe

Lake Health and Wellbeing

They offer a grant writing service. If you are looking to deliver services to help those impacted by COVID-19, are looking for grants to support the work of your non-profit or for-profit organisation or are looking for an individual grant to support yourself during this time, please get in touch with them. Find out more here.

They also offer a service that provides project support for those working in the health, wellbeing and wellness field. Click here to learn more about the range of administrative services they provide.

Follow them on: Twitter | Facebook / Shared by Abi

Envision Counselling

If you're in need of a registered counsellor, Envision Counselling is now offering online sessions. Find out more about their services here.

You can also find many more trained counsellors and therapists at the Black And Asian Therapist Network. They live all over the country and offer both in-person and online counselling.

Follow them on: Twitter | Facebook / Shared by Shirley

Kabutakapua Communications

Beatrice Kabutakapua is a Communication Consultant and Storytelling Coach. Follow her on Instagram for information on when she is offering her next webinar on storytelling.

You can also read her great blogpost titled 'How to keep changing the world while stuck at home' here.

Follow her on: Twitter | Facebook / Shared by Beatrice

As always, we're happy to help. If you wish to have us spotlight your services/small business in our next Community Newsletter, please email us with how we can help you.

Stay Safe, Rachael
Co-founding Director, Afrocenchix