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How do you reduce constant shedding and get your hair to grow?

We are frequently sent haircare questions and asked them at our events. In this blog we will address a few FAQs around shedding and hair growth.

How do you reduce constant shedding? 

This is a common and very tricky question! Shedding can seem quite worrying, especially if large amounts seem to come out at once, however constant shedding is quite normal. On average, we lose around 100 hairs a day. If a style is kept for a few days, it can look as though more hairs are lost because they haven’t had a chance to fall.

Normal shedding will mean the loss of full length hairs in the telogen phase of the hair growth cycle. Hairs lost in the telogen phase will fall out with a tiny white bulb on the end (this was previously in the follicle). Telogen shedding is different from hair breakage where just part of the hair is lost, often a short part though the lengths can vary.

Hair Growth Cycle

Childbirth, stress and physical health problems can all cause excess shedding. If the loss is more than average, it's worth seeing a doctor or trichologist to make sure a more serious problem is not causing the excessive hair loss. 

How do you get your hair to grow at the same rate all around your head?

In response to this frequently asked question, hair does often grow at different rates in different places. Again this is normal and can be masked by a uniform trim or certain styles.

If the difference in length around your head is extreme it may be that your hair is breaking on some parts of your head. Breakage around certain areas means that you will notice a lack of uniformity before you can see the evidence of growth. If your hair is breaking more in the front for instance, it can appear that the back is growing far quicker. 

Hair breakage (rather than shedding of hairs in the telogen phase as described above) can be caused by many things. Common causes of hair breakage include tight protective styles, over manipulation or heat. Eliminating the cause of breakage can give a more uniform length across the head.

Alternatively, a new hair cut would allow for a cute new look and even hair all in one go! Check out our top salon picks on our stockist page.

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