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10 Afrocenchix Wins in 2020 We're Grateful For

What a year 2020 has been! We are no strangers to hustling, however, this doesn’t mean we’ve found it easy and we’ve taken some major hits due to the pandemic
Overall, we’re fortunate to say we’re doing well but this year has made us appreciate our wins even more so! Which is why we wanted to reflect on the year and share some of the top ten things we're grateful for...

1. Our Office Move

This is bitter sweet as renovation didn’t go according to plan but we are so happy to be apart of a great community in Wood Green and our office renovation is well underway. 

Our new Wood Green office before renovations began.

The Afrocenchix office with moving boxes

2. The Launch Of Our Brand Partnership Sub Club Programme

This year, we launched our Brand Partnership Sub Club Programme and porud to to say we were able to promote approximately 10 small black owned businesses run by under represented founders. 

collage of black owned businesses

3. The Launch Of Two New Afrocenchix Sets

Even through this trying time, we launched an amazing campaign with Mel’s Wardrobe for the premiere of our Under The Wig Set and we also launched our afro/curly hair-friendly Afrocenchix Essential Accessories Set. 

4. 10 Years Of Afrocenchix

Although, our big party had to be cancelled (don't worry, we'll save the energy for turning 15!), we celebrated with a virtual party with Twin B on the decks and ran a fun quiz with prizes for our community. 

5. Being Featured In Vogue

Yes, we became Vogue-approved this year! And in fact, we were featured twice: in an article focused on expert advice from Afrocenchix and in the Vogue best picks for natural hair.
Screen shot of Afrocenchix products in Vogue Feature

6. Being Selected by Google for Start Ups

We were chosen from thousands of applicants for an immersive programme with Google for Start Ups, a 12-week program designed for high-potential Black owned startups from across Europe. We were honoured to be of the 11 startups selected!

7. Winning The BBB Awards C&L Rising Star Award

The Black British Business Awards (BBBAwards), founded in 2014, celebrates the outstanding performance and achievements of black professionals and business owners in the UK. And this year, we picked up the gong for consumer and luxury rising stars!

collage of the BBB award award and Rachael Corson holding it

8. Being Featured In The Guardian

In partnership with PayPal, we were featured in The Guardian Labs and spoke to them about how important it is to support black-owned businesses. We were so proud to tell our story and talk about our community for a national newspaper! 

screen shot of Rachael and Joycelyn featuring in the Guardian

9. Our First Ever Christmas Campaign

Even with everything going on, we still wanted this year to end well and this is our best Christmas yet! Over 1000 of you chose one of our gift sets for your loved ones this year and we were able to create our first ever Christmas Campaign. 

10. We Survived The Pandemic

We've gone from strength to strength thanks to our community and we're so proud to be able to serve you.

Here's to 2021!


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