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Celebrating 10 Years of Afrocenchix! Transforming the Beauty Industry

It’s been 10 years since Joycelyn and Rachael met at university and bonded over a shared problem. Their haircare and beauty products were threatening their health and they didn’t work. A decade on and Afrocenchix has delivered over 25,000 safe, effective products to people all over the world!

We couldn’t have dreamed of such an impact! Thank you for helping us normlise beauty products that actually work and don’t damage your health or the planet. We’ve got more work to do but we want to stop and celebrate this major milestone!

Here are 10 of our favourite moments of the Afrocenchix journey

1. Launched essentials range in 2012

Afrocenchix products in white bottles

2. Won UCL Bright Ideas Award 2015 


3. Won KPMG Black Ent awards 2018

4. First hire in 2016 

Old picture of Afrocenchix first team hire

5. Rebranding at Afro Hair & Beauty show 2019

6. Pitching to Diddy et al in 2019 

7. Raising investment 2018 which allowed us to hire a full permanent team 


8. Launch in Whole Foods 2017 paved way to launch in H&B 2019 

9. Won Precious Awards - Entrepreneur of the year & SME of the year 2019 


10. Upgraded machinery 2020

Thank you to our wonderful customers, community, investors & team. We’ve broken through barriers we were told were insurmountable, because of you. As we celebrate 10 years of smashing through barriers we were told we’d never overcome, we want to say a massive thank you.

A decade ago we started a tiny brand started with just £50 each. Today Afrocenchix has been valued in the millions and has raised over £500k including prizes given by Ashton Kutcher, Gary Vee, Kirsten Green and Diddy. We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you for your loyalty, your custom, your feedback, your reviews and your support. Thank you for buying tickets to our events, taking part in our scientific product trials and telling your favourite stores and influencers about us. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. 

We have huge plans for the next decade and those have been informed by you. We can’t wait to show you all the things we’re working on! 

Happy birthday to Afrocenchix! Here’s to many more years of serving our community with the integrity, creativity and excellence you deserve.

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