Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth?

Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth?

Written by Jeanette Nkwate

Wondering should you use rosemary oil for hair growth? You’re not alone. Rosemary oil is a medicinal herb and also a cooking favourite of Mediterranean origins. But it’s recently hit the headlines due to the claims that rosemary oil is great for hair growth and can even help with hair loss. But are these beauty claims true? We explore what rosemary oil is good for and the benefits with regards to hair… 

What Is Rosemary Oil Good For? What Are The Benefits Of Rosemary Oil For Hair?

There are lots of medicinal and beauty benefits of rosemary oil, especially with regards to hair growth. Here are some of the key hair benefits of rosemary oil… 

1. Promotes Hair Growth

Turns out that rosemary oil is full of antioxidants, which can reduce inflammation, stimulate hair follicles and improve blood circulation. This in turn can help with promoting hair growth and help prevent hair loss, cites 2015 study, which compares rosemary oil to minoxidil with regards to the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

2.Fights Dandruff

Rosemary oil is also thought to be good at fighting dandruff or itchy, dry scalps, as it has antifungal and astringent properties. This is because the antifungal properties can help with the fungus that causes dandruff, while the astringent element of rosemary oil can aid with reducing the oils produced by the scalp. Win-win!. 

3.Makes Hair Look Lustrous 

Want to add some shine to your hair? Rosemary oil can add a beautiful finish to your hair and can help prevent split ends when applied to the fragile tips of the hair. 

4.Prevents Grey Hair

It’s also been reported that rosemary oil can apparently help prevent grey hair and darken hair that is already grey. Because of this, it has been used by many as a natural aid to slow down the ageing process of the hair.

Now that you know about what rosemary oil is good for and what the hair benefits of rosemary oil are, you might want to give this medicinal, miracle oil a go! 

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