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The Ultimate Black & Natural Hair Glossary

An natural hair glossary for all your questions and needs when figuring out the terminology used in the Afro-hair world.

How to Understand the Ingredients List on Your Afro Hair Products

Studies have shown that a large number of products targeted at Black women contain harmful and toxic ingredients that have been linked to fibroids and cancer. With such alarming findings, it’s no surprise that black women are becoming more ingredient conscious and leaning towards using natural cosmetics. At the Afrocenchix HQ,...

What are the best afro hair products for the summer?

Keeping your afro hair beautiful this summer doesn’t have to be difficult and – to be honest – is pretty simple to do with the right afro hair products. Take a closer look at the best afro hair products for summer in this blog.

Which afro hair products do you need for dry hair?

Does your afro hair suffer from dryness? Are you looking for a solution? Find out what afro hair products you need to combat it in this blog.

3 Ways to Reduce Breakage When Wearing Braids

We all love a good braid protective style! Unfortunately, poor installation and maintenance can lead to breakage! We've got just the afro hair products that can help you reduce breakage while rocking your braids.

Five Reasons why Afrocenchix has the Best Afro Hair Products

Finding the right afro hair products is a struggle. There are plenty of high street brands out there for women with straight hair, but very little for those of us with afro hair. It doesn’t have to be so hard to find afro hair products that really work. At least,...

Oil Based Afro Hair Products: Why Aren't They Moisturising?

Most natural loves good oil based afro hair products to give their hair nutrients and shine. As much as Afro hair loves oil unfortunately, they can’t give your hair the moisture it needs and these are 3 reasons why...

Best Afro Hair Products for the Gym

When you're working on your body, you need to make sure you're getting the best possible nutrition and hydration on the inside and out. Fitness pros like Elle Linton use Afrocenchix to make caring for afro and curly hair simple. Read on for help with your Afro Hair routine.

4 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Afro Hair Products

Over the last two years around the world, women with Afro hair have been horrified to find out that 80% of black hair products on the market contain harmful ingredients. These toxins have proven links to a wide array of diseases, which are prevalent in the black community.     While developing the...

New Hair, Who dis?

What better time to switch up your look than the new year! January is a great time to embrace healthy beauty choices and invest in quality natural ingredients that will help you to feel as good as you look. With 60% of what we put onto our body being absorbed...