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12 Natural Hairstyles To Rock In 2024

Blog Author: Jeanette Nkwate

Looking for natural hairstyles to rock into 2024? As the year ends, we know that many of you will be looking for hair inspiration to make 2024 your best hair year yet. 

And with this in mind, we’ve gathered our 12 best natural hairstyles – so why not try a new style per month and see yourself through the year in style!


Cornrows or canerows are a  traditional African braid that continues to be a popular natural hairstyle with both men and women, and is a pretty practical and protective hairstyle. Curious about how to create this braided hairstyle yourself? Then check out our tutorial.

Bantu Knots


Image credit: @4chairchicks


Bantu knots are a beautiful way to carry your natural hair. Also, this particular natural hairstyle is heatless and very versatile. 

Two Strand Twists

Looking for natural hairstyles that are easy to do? Then two-strand twists tick all the hair boxes. It’s super easy to do and also helps protect your hair. 

Editor’s Tip: You can get all the products you need to lock in moisture while you have your twists in our Moisture Surge Set (Sheen, Smooth and Seal).

Half-up Space Buns

Not sure if you want to wear your hair up or down? Just  have the best of both worlds with this cute half-up space buns hairstyle for natural hair with gold embellishments. 

Twist Out

Looking for ways to define your natural hair? The two-strand twist out will help you create all the volume and definition you need. Want to get the perfect twist out on your natural hair every time? Simply check out our simple video tutorial. 


Classic Puff

The classic puff is a great natural hairstyle to have in your arsenal. It’s low manipulation hairstyle and foolproof. Just make sure that you have our soft snag-free endless hair elastics from our Essential Accessories Pack.

Halo Braid

The pretty halo braid is ideal for date night, weddings, work and more. Just remember to hydrate your hair before you start your braid by our hydrating hairspray Sheen – it’s perfect for moisturising your hair and helps with detangling

Puff With Twists

Bored of your puff? We love this simple twist on the classic hairstyle. Just add two twists at the front to rock this natural hairstyle.

Stretched Afro


There are many ways to stretch out your kinks, coils or curls. But we’re big fans of stretching natural hair without heat. Bantu knots, twists or braids are great ways to stretch your hair. Just don’t forget to use a microfibre towel turban to help dry your hair.

Flat Twists & Puff

We just love this elegant take on the puff hairstyle for natural hair. The front flat twists add a sophisticated element making it perfect for parties and weddings.

Two-strand Twists Ponytail


We love this hairstyle at Afrocenchix HQ as you can rock your two-strand twists during the week as a protective hairstyle, then rock your twist out on the weekend, which means that your hair is out and ready for wash day and TLC on Sunday! 

Box Braids

Beautiful box braids are an excellent way to protect your natural hair, especially your fragile ends. But don’t get it twisted: protective styles still require some daily and weekly care, so don’t forget to cleanse your scalp

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