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How Often Should You Wash Natural Hair?

Wondering how often should you wash your natural hair? It might be trendy to not wash your hair, but it's actually crucial to keep your scalp clean and healthy. Similarly to the way you would wash and moisturise your face, you need to regularly cleanse your scalp. A dirty scalp can invite problems such as fungal infections, dandruff, hair growth issues and much more so it's essential to keep it nice and clean.

How to Wash Natural Hair

We recommend washing your scalp every 7-10 days with a gentle sulphate free shampoo. Focus the shampoo into your scalp using gentle circular movement to dislodge dirt and encourage blood flow to the scalp. Because a clean and stimulated scalp allows for optimum hair growth.

How to Wash Protective Hairstyles 

Don’t get it twisted: Protective styles still require some daily and weekly care. Leaving your weave or braids in without any maintenance is completely counterproductive, so don’t neglect your hair while it is in a protective style as it is more than likely going to damage your hair. Keep your scalp and hair clean by washing your hair weekly or every 2 weeks if wearing braids/twisted extensions. 

You can watch our video below to learn how our co-founder Rachael Corson cleans her scalp when she has box braids in.

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