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What are the best afro hair products for the summer?

Though the warmest day of the year is behind us – we are well and truly in summer.

It’s time for barbeques. Beach parties. Cocktails in the sun. It’s time to get out your best summer threads, put on some sun cream and enjoy the beautiful weather.

But as you do – we urge you – don’t forget to apply the right afro hair products!

Afro hair products summer

Choosing the right afro hair products for summer

We’ve touched upon the importance of afro hair care in the summer but having the right products is also key.

With the right afro hair products, you’ll ensure your afro hair can breathe, retain moisture and shine in all its glory.

So, what products do you need to apply to your hair before you face the sun?


Afro hair can become dehydrated for any number of reasons during the summer – from heat and humidity to washing it excessively to combat sweat.

However, one of the great things about afro hair is that it “doesn’t require as much washing as other hair types,” says award-winning afro hair stylist Charlotte Mensah. Instead, to keep hair in top condition, we recommend leaving washday to once or twice a week.

In addition to periodic washing, it’s important to use a high-quality moisturiser. Afro hair moisturiser products are your go-to and will help to prevent dryness.

Our Moisture Surge Set, for example, keeps hair moisturised (as it emulates the natural sebum produced on the scalp), prevents breakage (no need to fear those harsh summer winds) and softens your hair.

The set comes with an instruction book to help you care for your afro hair. Our advice would be to do the process every few days to keep your hair moisturised and hydrated!   

Also, our afro hair products are completely natural, meaning they are free from sulphates, parabens, silicones (avoid at all costs), parfum, artificial fragrances and anything harsh that might harm your hair or scalp.

Just a few reasons why our afro hair products are the best on the market!


Sulphate-free shampoo

The last thing you want to do when you wash your hair is strip it of its natural moisture (referred to as sebum).

You also don’t want to use any afro hair products that contain harsh ingredients as they will just accentuate the effects of the summer weather on your afro hair. Sulphate-based shampoos, for instance, are proven to dry out hair and cause irritation… the last thing you want on a hot summer’s day! 

What you do want are sulphate-free afro hair shampoo products that you only have to use once or twice a week. These products will remove build up – like dirt and sweat – that has accumulated over the day without stripping your hair of its moisture.

Our sulphate-free shampoo, Swish, offers everything you need. It’ll…

  • Leave your hair feeling crisp
  • Remove build up without stripping your hair of moisture
  • Cleanse and soften your afro hair

In fact, it’s so effective (and gentle) that you only need to use it once a week. Which is precisely what you should be aiming to do in this hot, humid and sticky weather. Don’t over-wash your hair!

For best results, we’d recommend using it alongside our other products – such as the Moisture Surge Set!

Afro hair products


Protective afro hair products

Have you heard the old proverb: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? A little precaution before stepping out into the sun is essential.

So, in the same way that you apply sun cream and wear sunglasses, shouldn’t you do something to your hair and put something in it to protect it?


Braids, twists or any afro hair style where ends are tucked away will reduce breakage linked to manipulation (more on that here in our ultimate guide to afro hair care) but can leave your hair dry.

In these instances, what you really need is a set of products to not only keep your hair clean and moisturised but also protected from the heat.

On the list is a sulphate-free shampoo (that’s standard by now) – but also a moisturising spray and some scalp oil.

You’re probably thinking: “How do they work?”

Well, the moisturising spray will deliver moisture to dry/frizzy strands of hair. It’s the best product to combat breakage – which will be accentuated by the hot weather.

The scalp oil will keep your scalp healthy, promote growth by stimulating blood flow, soften your hair at the roots and relieve itchiness. So, after a long day in the sun, your hair won’t feel dry, stiff or itchy.

Again – we’ve got afro hair products to help you out. Our Swish, Sheen and Soothe products, all part of the Protective Style Set, are designed to keep your hair moisturised, clean, soft and healthy.



That’s everything you need. Keeping your afro hair beautiful this summer doesn’t have to be difficult and – to be honest – is pretty simple to do with the right afro hair products. We hope the above helps you!


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