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Which afro hair products do you need for dry hair?

Ladies, I have to tell you something: our afro hair is fragile.

While afro hair is the strongest hair type in terms of tensile strength, it’s also the most vulnerable to breakage.

Every kink, curl or coil is a point where breakage can occur. If not properly cared for, afro hair can be very weak and brittle. This rings true for most people with afro hair.

afro hair twist style

In order for it to grow strong, it needs to be cleansed, hydrated and conditioned with quality afro hair products on a regular basis.

There’s no secret formula or hidden recipe. It’s all about treating your hair properly.

That said, shopping for afro hair products isn’t easy. It’s even harder if you have dry afro hair.

In a market oversaturated with haircare products for people with straight hair, what should you be looking for?

In this blog, we’ll share just a few afro hair products you need to reinvigorate and strengthen your dry afro hair.

1. Sulphate-free shampoo

Dry hair develops when your hair doesn’t get or retain enough moisture – and though our scalps produce natural oils to moisturise our hair, it’s a little more challenging with afro hair.

When you have straight hair,  natural oils “glide” down strands. When you have afro hair, the natural oil your scalp produces can easily get stuck.

As the oils are stuck and not moving down your hair, the ends of your afro hair become weak, brittle and dry. Your scalp might be dry too depending on the density of your hair.

You might be thinking: “Oh, but I can just wash my hair with a conditioner and restore its moisture.”

Not quite. Because conditioners don’t effectively remove build-up, you would only be clogging your pores further and damaging your hair.

Also, because your pores are blocked, you’ll prevent any other kind of afro hair product from entering the hair follicle and providing your hair bulb with the nutrients it needs to grow well.

You could just use a regular shampoo but most contain sulphates – a powerful cleansing agent designed in the industrial recolto clean machinery. If you have dry afro hair, sulphate-based shampoos will strip away too much of the natural oils needed to keep your hair healthy.

Instead, use a sulphate-free afro hair shampoo product. It will remove build-up without stripping your hair of moisture.

2. Natural moisturising products

After removing build-up using a sulphate-free afro hair product, you need to moisturise your scalp.

Unfortunately, a lot of conventional moisturisers use ingredients that cause build-up. You don’t want that – especially not after you’ve removed it all!

You need a lighter solution that delivers and retains moisture without adding to build-up and combats breakage. This kind of afro hair product will revive your hair and leave it hydrated and strong.

Our Smooth natural moisturising cream, is a great moisturiser for afro hair. It’s packed with natural ingredients and is perfect for afro and curly hair as it moisturises, softens and revives kinks and curls.

Just apply it after washing and conditioning your hair using your  sulphate-free shampoo and silicone free conditioner. Smooth it down your hair strands (whilst finger detangling) and twist or style as desired.

That leads us onto our next key afro hair product for combatting dry hair – hair oil.

3. Natural afro hair oil products

If you have dry afro hair, you’ll need to use a hair oil to lock in moisture and keep your hair looking vibrant.

Hair oil is naturally produced by our scalps in the form of sebum. This natural oil stops hair from becoming dry, but, when it comes to curly hair, the oils don’t make it all the way down the hair shaft. Oils add a protective layer to your hair shaft, protecting it from harm, and prevent your scalp from drying out.

Hair oil is absolutely essential to the health and growth of your afro hair.

Many products marketed as oils are mixes of artificial materials and contain just a drop of oil if you examine the label. If you have dry hair, you need something a bit more than the market standard.

Our Seal natural hair oil is designed to lock in moisture for dry afro hair. It’s 100% natural and packed with super ingredients like coconut and jojoba oil. Also, as it emulates the natural oil produced by your scalp, it keeps your hair moisturised for longer.

Once you’ve got your products, you need a routine. Using the LOC or LCO method, involves layering products to combat dryness. 

If you have dry hair, we have afro hair products that can meet your exact needs. These products have been scientifically developed by experts and tested extensively to ensure they can deliver.

We only use natural ingredients, so you can be certain that what you are using in your hair is perfectly safe and created with your health in mind.

Need more guidance? Check out this blog to find out why our afro hair products are the best on the market.

Having dry afro hair doesn’t have to be a problem with the right afro hair products – and we have everything you need!

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