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23 Pretty Party Hairstyles For Natural Hair

With Halloween over and the festive season around the corner (yes, Christmas and New Years Eve are closer than you think!), we know that most of you will be searching for the perfect party hairstyles. 

Looking for party hair ideas that are worth consideration and require the least amount of effort? Are you on the hunt for something fun yet functional, simple yet sophisticated?

It can be a difficult balance to achieve and with so many options out there, you’ll definitely be in need of a bit of inspiration and that’s exactly where we can help.

So keep going to discover the best party hairstyles for natural hair around! 

Elegant Twist Bun

Image credit: @lyles.styles

We love this elegant bun created with beautiful twists. Not only is it a great natural hairstyle for the party season, it’s pretty enough to be worn to prom, graduation or for a wedding.

Flat Twist Updo

Image credit: @dabneyandcompany 

Who said that flat twists weren’t fancy? This hairstyle really does show off the versatility of flat twists and also is the perfect protective hairstyle for partying.

Beautiful Blow Out

Image credit: @rachealakua 


Ok, let’s be honest, we’re definitely more fans of air drying our hair and stretching it without heat but we just love this beautiful blow out. It looks a little retro and a little like Diana Ross, which ticks all the hair boxes for us!


Middle Parting & Afro Puff

Image credit: @chocodamiix


We’re big fans of hairstyles that are high contrast, and this middle parting and afro puff is just that! Don’t worry if you don’t have enough hair to create an ‘impactful’ puff, just grab a ponytail extension to create the desired look and save your fragile hair ends from the elements by tucking them away. 


Fancy Flat Twists & High Puff


Image credit: @thedemarah

Is your go-to hairstyle a high puff? Don’t think that you have to divert from your signature hairstyle just because you want to create a pretty party look. We love this high puff 

Space Buns



Image credit: @truleytalentedbeauty

Looking for a party hairstyle for natural hair that’s cute, playful and whimsical? Space buns are a fun way to style your hair, often seen at music festivals and parties.

Also did we mention, it’s a great DIY hairstyle? Space buns are relatively easy to create at home. All you need are hair ties and hairpins to hold the buns in place. Just get yourself the Afrocenchix Essential Accessories Pack for all curly and afro-friendly hair accessories to create this look.


Pretty Twists


Image credit: @opaglamz 


These pretty twists boast a gorgeous, intricate pattern that suits any occasion. These twists can be as understated or as extravagant as you want, making them perfect for everyday or special events.


Stretched Natural Bob

Image credit: @breezyspuffs

Are you a lover of volume? If your style is big, bountiful and beautiful then this stretched bob for natural hair will make it to the top of your list. Want to create this look, then stretch your hair without heat using bantu knots using our video tutorial.

Finger-twisted Afro

Finger twisted Afro

Image credit: @_andreathomas_

A pretty party hairstyle doesn't have to take ages to create! Try your hand at finger-twisting or finger-curling parts of your afro to add new texture. Dampen your hair, apply some Swirl for slip and moisture, and finger curl whatever parts of your hair you wish. Air dry for a new take on your afro!

Braided Edgy Bob

Braided Edgy Bob

Image credit: @todetrancas

This one keeps it short in the back and longer in the front, and is one of the more unique hairstyles here. If you've had long braids for a while and are thinking of taking them out, cut them shorter like this for a new style! Feel free to also add a hair scarf as in the above image for extra pizzazz. 

Short Natural Hairstyle 

Young Black woman with a Short Natural Hairstyle

Image credit: @sheilandinda

You don’t have to do anything extravagant to get a cute and cool party hairstyle — why not go for a natural look by styling your hair with Sheen and Smooth? These products nourish, soften and revive curly and Afro hair to making styling your short crop a lot easier. Move, twist, braid and part your hair to create several different styles, just like this natural look! 

Afro Pinned Low

Afro Pinned Low

Image credit: @marsaimartin

This is one of our favourite hairstyles because it's easy to do but it looks so pretty and romantic! Wash and style your hair as normal using Swish and Swirl, air dry or use a microfibre towel turban to speed it up. Then, use some gel to sleek back the front of your hair and pin it all back using big, flat hair clips. You can also use an afro pick to make your hair bigger and bolder. 

Halo Updo

Smiling black woman with halo updo hairstyle

Image credit:

Become the light of the party with a halo updo. Not only is this party hairstyle super simple to do and pull off, it’ll also protect your hair. Take a look at the image (above) for a bit of inspiration. 

Editor's Tip: Looking for curly and afro-friendly hair accessories to easily create this look? Snag-and-ouch-free styling has never been easier with the help of the Afrocenchix Essential Accessories Pack. It has everything you need to create the perfect party hairstyle!

Side-swept Hairstyle

the side view of a black woman with Side Swept hairstyle 

Image credit: @chelliscurls

Want to switch up your everyday style with something that’s reliable, quick and easy to do? A side-swept curly hairstyle will show off your hair, its texture, create volume and — most importantly — change up your look. It’s a party-ready style waiting to be tried! 

Super Big Afro

Super Big Afro Ciara

Image credit: @ciara

Feeling bold? Make your afro bolder! Not every hairstyle has to be neat and small to make an impact. Take an afro pick and pick your hair until it's as big it can get. Then, you can pin some fun hair accessories to further spice up the do and be the centre of attention. 

Box Braids

smiling young black girl with caramel box braids 

Image credit: @rafafranco2

A classic protective style that never goes out of fashion, box braids could be the party hairstyle for you — especially if you want to look after your hair. Box braids are one of the most popular hairstyles around, and there are plenty of styles you can make so that the hairstyle is truly yours.

 Editor's Tip: Searching for everything needed to keep your hair in top condition while in protective styles? Our Braid Care Set and our newly curated Under The Wig Set contain the products to help you keep your looking great. 

Braided High Ponytail

Braided High Ponytail

Image credit: @slienky_

Can you beat a classic high ponytail? It makes you look regal and elegant, and is super easy to throw up. Just ensure you are using snag-free elastic bands like the ones in our Essential Accessories Pack to ensure you're not damaging and ripping your hair down during takedown. 

Half-up Space Buns

Natural haired woman with half-up space buns against a tanned background holding Afrocenchix

We think that this half-up space buns hairstyle is super cute for the party season. Plus you can easily take it from day to night by dressing it up with statement embellishments or subtle hair accessories.

Editor's Tip:

Want soft, strong & moisturised hair that is easy to detangle to create this hairstyle? Then you need Swirl!

Our silicone-free, vegan conditioner delivers ultimate slip for easy detangling and conditioning — without the chemical nasties. 

Mohawk Curls

black woman looking to the side with caramel mohawk curls 

Image credit: @itszitarose

Go for a look that’s a little more out there, contemporary and fashion-forward with a curly mohawk. There are plenty of variations to this particular style (including mohawk with coils and braids), so have a little experiment! 

Defined Curls and Side Part

 Young woman with side parted long natural hair

Image credit:@sunitav_

Why part your hair down the centre when you can go at it from the sides? This simple and time-efficient hairstyle is great for any party. It only takes a couple of minutes and can be done easily during your regular afro hair care routine. Just make sure to be gentle with your hair when parting!

Wash and Go

Black woman with a beautiful wash and go afro hairstyle 

Image credit: @littlewithbigcurls_

This is a heatless style that oozes style. Just wash your hair and go. No need to blowdry. Just let the air do all the hard work (providing you’ve conditioned, moisturised and combed your hair). After that, fluff it out as you see fit. 

Twist Out 

Beautiful black woman with tapered afro and twist out hairstyle 

Image credit: @mynaturalsistas

If it’s the day before the party and your hairdresser is fully booked, this is an amazing look that you can create overnight. 

Twist out styles are super easy to create — just do it after your afro hair care routine. Make sure to wear your satin-lined bonnet to bed so your twists doesn't get frizzy. Release your twists in the morning and style your hair as you like. It’s that simple! 

Get out there and party!

These simple and heatless styles will help you to be ready for any party (when we are eventually allowed to party in full swing). They take no time at all and will look great all year round.

Blog by: Jeanette Nkwate 

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