Professional Hairstyles for Black Women: woman with braids working on a laptop

7 Pretty & Professional Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Let's be honest: professional hairstyles can sometimes be a minefield. We all want to have a cool hairstyle that reflects us — one that is stylish and trendy — but we also want to come off as professional and mature. How do we meet these demands and portray our own personal style?

In the past, being experimental or wearing your natural hair out would’ve been frowned upon; and there was very little room for flexibility in the hair department. Fortunately, things have changed and there is much more flexibility in terms of how black women wear their hair. 

So whether you’ve got an important remote client video call, and a potential job interview, or in need of general hair inspiration for work – we’ve got you covered.

P.S. All of these professional hairstyles are heatless – so there's very little effort involved!

1. Bun

Professional hairstyles for black women: Black woman with a bun working at a PC

High or low, layered or plain, a bun is a professional and protective hairstyle that can be done in minutes. The best part about this hairstyle is that it’s so easy to do! Try experimenting with the size or style of your bun to find the perfect look for you.

2. Cornrows

Professional Hairstyles for Black Women: Woman reading with cornrow hairstyle

Trying to grow your hair long and also want to keep it healthy? Cornrows are one of the best protective hairstyles and can also be very professional. You can also make them a little more interesting by tying them up into a high bun. Trust us, there are loads of different ways for you to get the most out of this particular professional hairstyle. 

3. Natural Curls

Professional Hairstyles for Black Women: Natural haired woman working on a tablet

Curls are a great way to go. In the past leaving your hair natural might have been considered unthinkable, but times have changed. Just make sure you create a healthy hair routine to make sure your curls/coils look and feel their best. 

4. Braids

Professional Hairstyles for Black Women: woman with braids working on a laptop

Braids can be a great way of keeping your natural hair safely tucked away, while looking sophisticated in any office/work setting. Braids will get you through busy days and can be one of most protective of professional hairstyles if looked after well. 

5. Short Crop

Professional Hairstyles for Black Women: Woman with short cropped hair

Rocking a short crop means less maintenance, making it a great option for busy professionals. A natural pixie cut, for example, is an elegant and trendy look that’s also very suitable for the workplace. Style meets function. 

Styling tip: Make sure to lock in moisture by following the LOC/LCO method with your Moisture Surge Set.

6. Twisted Updo

Professional Hairstyles for Black Women: Woman with a twisted updo

A perfect and versatile protective style that can later produce beautiful spiral curls without heat. It requires very little work to put a twisted updo together and looks great for every work occasion, whether it’s a standard day in the office, a client meeting uptown or remote video call. 

Speaking of updos, there are a variety of ways for you to style your twists — from ponytail to cute buns. Don’t be afraid to experiment so you can find a style that suits you.

7. Ponytail/Puff

Black professional woman working on laptop with afro puff hairstyle 

Last, but by no means least, is the ponytail. A tried-and-tested favourite, ponytails  have been a professional hairstyle for decades — perhaps even longer. Consider playing around with the placement of your ponytail by trying high, middle or low styles, as well as accentuating your look by adding buns, clips, accessories and more to your hair. 

When it comes to choosing a professional hairstyle, it’s all about keeping it simple. Rules regarding hair in the workplace have relaxed over the years but ultimately the best professional hairstyles are those that you can achieve quickly and easily, and give you more room to be yourself. 

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