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6 Hair Habits to Start Adopting During Lockdown

Has lockdown got you rethinking your hair routine? There’s no better time than now to start reevaluating your hair habits and to get you started, here are our top hair habits that you should start adopting during lockdown. 

1. Remove Your Jewellery

Lockdown afro hair care: Close-up of a black woman's hand holding an iPhone

Before handling your hair, pause and look at your hands. You don’t want your hair to get snagged and damaged. So, it’s important to remove your rings and also inspect your nails – are they chipped or are they broken? Maybe plan a manicure the day before wash day. It can be a nice addition to your self care routine!

2. Get Rid of Poor Styling Tools and Accessories

Lockdown afro hair care: Close up of layered colourful combs

It’s time to ditch that fine tooth comb and broken bobby pins! We want to avoid damaging our hair at all costs and these combs and poor accessories can easily cause breakage. We recommend using your fingers to comb or detangle your hair (hence our first point!) and also, have a look at your accessories – get rid of hairbands and ties with metal and plastic fastenings. And don’t use hair pins without the coated tips as these can snag and also cause damage. Trust us, your hair will thank you.

3. Sleep on Only Satin/Silk

Afrocenchix African print bonnet: Perfect for lockdown afro hair care

Please, please, please make sure that you’re sleeping with a protective bonnet/scarf or pillowcase. 

Cotton is super absorbent, so those fibres basically rob you of all the moisture that you’ve been working on locking into your hair. So, upgrade your night routine and trade your cotton pillowcase for a satin or silk one. Or if you don’t want to mess up your bedroom decor, just wear a satin or silk bonnet or headscarf. This will help you retain moisture and reduce friction on your hair.  

4. Keep Your Hair Routine Simple 

We know it’s easy to ‘forget’ about your hair routine, especially, during lockdown. But it’s key that you maintain a simple hair routine to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, the approach we recommend is simple: Cleanse, Moisturise, Style, Repeat. You can read our Ultimate Guide to Afro Hair Care for more advice on how to get started.

5. Maintain Your Hair in Protective Hairstyles

Lockdown afro hair care: Smiling black woman with box braids

Lucky enough to get your protective hairstyle installed prior to lockdown or be able to do it yourself? Are natural but also a fan of wigs? That’s great. We love these protective hairstyles! But this doesn’t give you a pass when it comes to looking after your hair. Make sure you keep on top of your hair care game with our Braid Care Set and don’t forget to check out our top tips for looking after your hair under protective styles.

6. Stop Using Toxic Products 

Lots of mainstream products use words like natural or organic in their product names, but their ingredients often still contain toxins and the vast majority linked to disease. Now is the time to really take stock of your products, read the ingredient lists and find brands that you can truly trust.

Lockdown afro hair care: back of three Afrocenchix bottles showing the ingredients list

At Afrocenchix, we’ve always taken the time to make sure our vegan-friendly products are safe, effective and simple. Want to know more? You can find out more about our products by watching our video about why we love using natural ingredients.


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