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7 Easy Natural Hairstyles for Mums on the Go

Written by: Jeanette Nkwate

Do easy natural hairstyles for mums really exist? Let’s be honest, with little ones always on the run, it’s hard to find time to look after and style your hair. This is why we put together some of our favourite looks that work well for time poor natural-haired mums. Whether you’re heading out to a playdate, popping out to the park or just at home, we have hairstyles perfect for you


Image Credit: @aboutalaysia 

When it comes to easy natural hairstyles for mums, it doesn’t get easier than a headwrap. It’s perfect if you’re short on time and want to step out but look put together. Just grab your favourite scarf and wrap it around your head – it’s as simple as that. 


Editor’s tip: Try using a silk/satin scarf to create your look or use your satin/silk lined bonnet underneath your headscarf. This is because satin/silk can help retain moisture and protects against friction to reduce breakage and promote length retention


Image Credit: @_lavidarosa_ 

The TWA also known as the teeny weeny afro is a cropped natural hairstyle that’s popular with new naturalistas that have gone for the big chop during their transition. Because it’s a short hairstyle it’s nice and low maintenance, just remember to keep your hair moisturised with the LOC method and your Afrocenchix Moisture Surge Set

High Ponytail or Puff 

Image Credit: @naturalblackgirliee

 If you have quite a lot of hair, the high ponytail or puff is a great natural hairstyle for mums. Not only is it easy to do, it also keeps your precious hair out of prying little hands. 

Want a snag-free hair band to create this look? Then our Afrocenchix Essential Accessories Pack is filled with curly-friendly hair accessories. 

Wash 'n' Go

Image Credit: @dyetta 

Another minimal hairstyle for natural hair mums is the wash ‘n’ go. Just do what it says on the tin – and wash and go! 

Editor’s tip: Want to nail your wash day? The Afrocenchix Wash Day Set has everything you need to have a wonderful wash day. 

Braid/Twist Out

Image Credit: @naturallysage_

We can’t tell you how much we love this natural hairstyle. Just rock the braids or twists during the week as a protective hairstyle, then rock your braid/twist out on Friday and Saturday, and your hair is out and ready for wash day and TLC on Sunday. Not to mention, you can always tweak the days to fit in with your routine with the kids! 

Braids/Twists (Protective Styles)

Image Credit: @dyetta 

If done right, braids and twists can be great postpartum protective styles as they allow you to avoid daily styling manual manipulation. 

A Wonderful Wig


There’s no denying how effective protective styles like wigs can be in helping to protect natural hair. Also, they’re a great way to change up your style, grow your hair out or protect it as it recovers from conditions like postpartum hair loss

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