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10 Graduation styles that will make you want to rock your hair for graduation day

Graduation season is here! All those years of hard work are coming to an end - you want to look the part. Notice how everyone and their aunty expects you to straighten your hair? Don't be quick to cancel out rocking your natural hair, girl! We believe wholeheartedly that you can embrace your curls on your graduation day and look the part. Do you need some inspiration? We spent a whole lot of time browsing Pinterest to give you our top picks. You should be focusing on booking your graduation meal, making sure your gown and cap measurements and correct and enjoying your well deserved moment of glory. So here are our top 10 natural hair graduation styles. We picked low maintenance looks because after graduation you'll be busy interviewing and searching for a way to kick start your dream career. Here we go. Sit back and take a look!   1. Twist Out Who doesn't like a good twist out? It's a trusted style that we all know and love.   2. Your Natural Afro How about wearing your hair out in its natural texture? No matter its type - all beautiful!   3. Twists  A really nice low effort protective style you can keep in for well over a week and maintain with our Protective Style Set! 4. Flexi-rod curls Oldie, but a goodie! Flexi-rods give those beautiful bouncy curls which will bounce along with you across the stage when you collect your certificate. The curls should last 3-5 days if you sleep with a satin bonnet or silk scarf.   5. Small halo braids with two puffs Tired of twists outs? Use your old twist out but rework it into this super cute hairstyle. 6. Flat side bun Walk across the stage with elegance rocking this hairstyle! Buns are a classic for a very good reason. Effortless class.     7. Flat twists  Simple but really cute! Plus, they will fit perfectly under your cap. 8. Faux braid with bun This style is perfect for graduation, click the link in the title to see how this beautiful graduate created this timeless look!     9. Flat twist with a low bun Again, this hairstyle is simply cute and will fit perfectly under your cap! Ideal if you have a lot of hair. 10. Side flat twists with a low bun We are a fan of flat twists, can you tell? This loose flat twist style can also be achieved with a roll and pin kinda approach.   Bonus! Already have an idea of a hairstyle in mind? Oh no, it's too big to fit under the cap? Not to worry - we have a tip for you. Style your hair first then fold down the sides of your cap and pin them so it's flat. Then balance your flattened cap onto your style and pin it in place. Big hair? No problem! Want more guidance about to make your hair look the healthy on your graduation day? Check out Afro Hair Care - The Ultimate Guide! We also want to see your graduation hairstyles! Show us on our socials @Afrocenchix   Read more: How Ehi rocked her natural on her graduation day Natural Bridal Wedding Hairstyles 12 Glam New Year's Eve Styles for Natural Hair