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18 Cool Natural Hairstyles For Men

Looking for the best natural hairstyles for men? Whether your hair is curly, coily, kinky, long, medium or short, we've pulled together the coolest styles around for black men and not to mention, have added some helpful and practical hair care tips too! 

Just scroll down to see which hairstyles for black men made our cut.

Locs Ponytail

Growing your locs and want a style that works well with locs that are in-between stages? Then this ponytail is perfect for you! Just grab your curly hair-friendly hair bands from Afrocenchix Essential Accessories Pack


Locs With Beanie

If you haven’t noticed by now we’re big fans of locs. If you have cool locs, then why not pair it with a bright beanie? Just make sure to pick one that’s satin lined to protect your hair from dryness

Bald & Proud

Losing your hair due to male pattern baldness? Why not embrace it by rocking the bald/shaved look proudly. Just remember to look after your scalp because it’s an extension of your face

Locs With Fade

Let’s be real: fades are probably everyone’s favourite men’s hairstyle for natural hair and perhaps the most frequently requested. Which is why this fade with locs hairstyle has made our favourites list. 


Bold & Blonde

Do blonde guys have more fun? We’re not a hundred percent sure, but we do know that when it comes to cool men’s hairstyles for natural hair, this blonde number definitely makes the cut. 


Clean & Classic

If you’re on the lookout for a new hairstyle for your textured hair but literally don’t know where to begin, a clean and classic fade is a good place to start. 

Editor’s Tip: Why not bone up on your barber terms, so you know how best to communicate your desired hairstyle to your barber. 


Freeform Locs

Freeform locs or organic locs, are locs that are naturally formed rather than styled/manipulated. These locs vary in look according to your hair texture and can take patience but once formed they are worthwhile!


Flat Twists

Looking for a style that looks dapper and is also protective? Flat twists could be your answer. They’re easier to do than cornrows, yet still have the same impact. 

Modern High Top

The high top hairstyle was made popular during the 80s and 90s and was the iconic haircut of Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Like the name suggests the cut is high on the top and short on the sides and bottom and this modern, subtle version is an updated take on this vintage hairstyle fave.


This twisted style is not only a cool hairstyle for black men, it's also great protective hairstyle

Editor's tip: Make sure to lock in moisture by following the LOC/LCO method with the Afrocenchix Moisture Surge Set.

top of a black man's head with twisted hairstyle

Image credit: @hairstylesforblackmen / @simferg77

Colourful 'fro/Dreadlocks

Looking for a way to change up your afro hair? Then why not think about adding colour? We love the idea of experimenting with colour to brighten up or add newness to your hairstyle.

Editor's tip: Keep your coloured hair moisturised and banish breakage with Sheen, our moisturising hair spray. It has a simple natural formula moisturises and revives frizzy, curly and Afro hair without leaving build up.

Black man looking down with pink coloured dreadlocks

Image credit: @hairstylesforblackmen

Classic Short Cut with Beard

Not all natural hairstyles for black men have to be edgy. Keep it cool and classic with this short, neat cropped hairstyle. We think it looks on point when paired with a facial hair too!

Editor's tipJust apply Soothe to a slightly damp facial hair and work into the beard. The light, easily absorbed oil is specially blended to promote growth, soften hair at the roots and leaves no build up, making it great for beards and moustaches.

Black man with short hair and beard

Image credit: @kingvonkairo

Long Dreadlocks

Ok, so dreadlocks aren't something that you can dabble with, but we're huge fans of locs at Afrocenchix. 

Editor's Tip: Whether you’re new to locs or just starting out, our set is designed to help your locs thrive! The Afrocenchix Locs Care Set contains a curated selection of products from our award-winning range to help you cleanse and moisturise your locs so they stay lovely.

Black man with long dreadlocks wearing glasses

Image credit: @loc_loaded

Short Dreadlocks with Undercut

As we mentioned above, dreadlocks are a great hairstyle option for black men. And this short style with an undercut shows how versatile locs are!  

Black man short dreadlocks with white vest taking a selfie

Image credit: @m.r.collins

Buzzcut with Fade

Who said buzzcuts were basic? This hairstyle proves that the buzzcut can look dapper, especially when matched with a subtle fade too. 

Black man with short buzz cut smiling with sunglasses

Image credit: @loc_loaded


In our books, cornrows are a cool natural hairstyle for men. Plus like twists they are also a protective hairstyle for not only will your hair look on point but it's also practical. 

NBLike with all afro hairstyles, cornrows come with some challenges. Done too tightly they can lead to hair breakage and traction alopecia (which is caused by the tight, constant pulling of hair). So make sure to be careful with the tension! 

Black man wearing a white vest with cornrows 

Image credit: @jorisebong

Curly and Proud

We always advocate rocking your natural hair out and proud. Whether your hair is curly, coily, or kinky, why not proudly show off your natural hair texture?  

Just remember to keep your hair moisturised by following the LOC/LCO method.

Black man with curly afro hairstyle

Image credit: @zabomsena 

South of France with Beard

The South of France haircut/style was popularised by music artist Usher and his barber Curtis Smith.

The mohawk style is also consider to be a 'gentleman's mohawk' due its subtle and stylish appearance, and got its interesting name because it was created in the South of France. We think it looks great with a beard. What do you think? 

Black man with beard and South of France Hairstyle

Image credit: @mansodasilva

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