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Afrocenchix Presents: The Dry Hair and Breakage Webinar

On Thursday 7th May, we hosted the our third webinar, the Dry Hair and Breakage webinar that you all asked for! Rachael and Joycelyn went through all questions to do with breaking, weak and dry hair.

Don't miss out as we go through your questions on everything to do with dry hair.

Questions we are clearing up include:

  • How do I avoid hair breakage?
  • What causes my hair to feel brittle and break?
  • Why do I have so many split ends?
  • After shampooing and conditioning, what is the best way to dry my Afro hair to reduce breakage?
  • What oils should I be using to combat dryness?
  • I moisturise my hair and it's dry the next day. What is happening?

The main takeaways from our Dry Hair and Breakage webinar were:

  • Keep your hair clean by washing it every 7-10 days.
  • Retain moisture in your hair by starting with a water-based product, then a cream and sealing with an oil.
  • The main products to use to do so are SheenSmooth and Seal.
  • Avoid blowdrying your hair. Use the banding method or air dry your hair to keep it in optimal condition. Please watch our Wash Day highlights on Instagram for more.

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