Afrocenchix new look

We're updating our prices and launching a new look and our subscription service!

We’re excited to announce that next Saturday we’ll finally be launching our new look which includes the brand new packaging so many of you voted for!


We’ve fixed the leaky Seal pump with a new secure pump top that is lockable for travel. Our Soothe nozzle has also been upgraded so it will dispense the product better and the new Sheen spray will cover a larger surface area at a time. Our product trial club unanimously loved the new packaging and we hope you will too! Once our new look is out, we will double down on our efforts to release our new conditioner.

As you know, we started Afrocenchix almost 10 years ago as university students because we couldn’t find safe, ethical and effective products for our Afro hair.

Since we started our company, community support has helped us to grow. Now our vision has expanded. We’re transforming the black hair industry by making safe, ethical and effective hair products accessible to black and mixed families around the globe. Along the way we’re educating our community, hiring black women in STEM and building a legacy.

The black hair industry capitalises on the insecurities of black women. We believe black women should be empowered to embrace their natural beauty. The industry floods our shelves with toxic chemicals. We believe natural products are best for your family and your health, so that’s what we make.

The reality is, in order to make the change we want to see, we need to raise our prices.

We’ve been officially trading for over 8 years and we’ve never raised our prices. The cost of quality ingredients, packaging, tax and our overheads has increased and our current pricing simply isn’t sustainable.

We‘re building a brand that can fill our community with pride for years to come. The reality is unless we raise our prices, we won’t be here in a few years.

Whilst we need to raise our prices to survive, we want to ensure this doesn’t reduce accessibility for our loyal customers. We’ve been racking our brains on how to do this and we think we’ve got a solution...

Many of you requested a subscription service so that your favourite products can be delivered to your door automatically every month or two. With the launch of our new look, we’ll also be launching a subscription service that will allow you to save money. You’ll be able to subscribe to your favourite Afrocenchix products, both individually and in sets. Subscribers will also receive surprise treats and exclusive perks.

Afrocenchix new look founders Joycelyn and Rachael

Over the next week we will phase out our old packaging and launch our new look and updated prices along with the subscription service. In the meantime our shop will run as usual and you can buy products at the current prices until June 1st.

Thank you for your continued support. Without you we wouldn’t be able to push boundaries, inspire a generation and meet the needs of black families around the world.

All the best,

Rachael and Joycelyn