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A Message to Our Community – Black Lives Matter

As a community, we‘re collectively grieving. Many of us are feeling angry, sad or numb.

We want to see justice and want to see an end to racially motivated murder in our generation. But it’s hard to know what we can do. We feel powerless to make a change as we haven't been empowered. But speaking truth to power is essential right now. Together our community can make a change. 

What You Can Do To Help⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

We can make a difference by mobilising behind organisations that are working hard to make the world safer for people who look like us and our families. Here are a few that you can support:



I Run With Maud

Campaign Zero

Unicorn Riot

American Civil Liberties Union

Stand Up To Racism UK

Look after Yourself and the Wider Community

Self care is important and now more than ever. Please look after yourself and if you are feeling overwhelmed: 

  • Limit the time you are spending on social media
  • Schedule a time out to exercise, meditate or read 
  • Fill your feed with inspirational/uplifting black creatives and organisations
  • Create a safe virtual group with loved ones
  • Rest

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