Afrocenchix - Black Pound Day: What It Is, When It Is & How You Can Get Involved

Black Pound Day: What It Is, When It Is & How You Can Get Involved

You might have seen the hashtag Black Pound Day used but do you know what it’s really all about? We break down everything you need to know about Black Pound Day, including: what it is, when it is and how you can support black businesses and the community. 

What is Black Pound Day?

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, DJ Swiss (of So Solid Crew fame) led a national campaign which aims to support and spotlight black businesses. This included encouraging people to spend their money with black businesses or to ‘buy black’ hence the apt name – Black Pound Day. 

“The way to correct economic oppression is with economic empowerment and Black Pound Day does exactly that.” says Rachael Corson, co-founder of Afrocenchix.

When is Black Pound Day?

The first Black Pound Day was 27th June 2020. Rather than creating an event/campaign that happens only once a year, Black Pound Day is different as it aims to really be a movement rather than a ‘moment’. It is on every first Saturday of the month with the goal of bringing black businesses to light as well as growing and strengthening the black economy and community. 

Want to know the 2021 Black Pound Day dates? Save the dates below in your diary as a reminder! 

2 January

6 February 

6 March 

3 April 

1 May 

5 June 

3 July 

7 August 

4 September

2 October 

6 November 

4 December

How Can You Support Black Pound Day? 

Want to know how you can support Black Pound Day? It’s easy. Start by supporting black owned businesses (we have a great list to help you get started!) and use #BlackPoundDay on Social Media show off your Black Pound Day purchases. 

You can also share your receipts. There's a function on the Black Pound Day website that allows you to upload your Black Pound Day receipts so they can understand the economic contributions on Black Pound Day.

We also understand that not everyone has the money to financially support brands every month, so here are some other ways you can show support that don’t cost a penny!

  • Follow them on all their social platforms 
  • Like their posts
  • Comment on their posts – emojis count too! 
  • Share their posts

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