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Rachael’s Healthy Hair Routine

Hello, Rachael here! I’m a low maintenance kind of girl so I don’t spend much time on my hair, but I still like it to look and feel good. I find that protective styling and a simple routine help me to keep my hair looking and feeling its best in the minimum time.


Washing and twisting my hair once a week takes about 30 mins in total and helps me to keep it soft and tangle free. To wash, I rinse my hair and then massage a coin size amount of Swish into my scalp. I smooth the lather through my hair then squeeze out the excess. I then rinse briefly before applying a generous dollop of conditioner to my hair. I focus on working the conditioner into the ends as I finger detangle, leave it for a few minutes then I rinse it all out and squeeze out excess water before wrapping a towel round my head. After a few minutes, I pat my hair dry with a towel, apply Seal to help my hair absorb the moisture and dry faster, then detangle some more with a Tangle Teezer! I apply Smooth in sections, then I flat twist my damp hair using Afrocenchix styling butter (still in prototype phase.) The next day I apply a little Soothe to my fingertips before taking out my twists and either have an updo, bun, twist out or flat twisted style.  If I’m in a rush after I wash (when I make the mistake of doing it in the morning) then I skip the twisting and wear my hair in a puff. I usually need to detangle before twisting in the evening as my hair shrinks a lot and is prone to tangles. During the week I use a combination of Sheen, Seal and Smooth depending on how moisturised my hair feels, and I sleep in a satin bonnet to stop my hair from drying out or breaking during the night.


About once every two months I deep condition. I really should start doing this weekly as my hair loves it! I cover my hair in a shower cap and towel and leave my conditioner (again, in prototype phase) in for about 30 minutes.

Once in a while...

Every now and then I have my hair in twists for a month or two, and I use Sheen to keep my style fresh. I wash my scalp with Swish and if my scalp gets itchy then Soothe comes to the rescue! I rarely straighten or blow dry, in fact it’s been well over a year since I did either! My hair just doesn’t really like heat and I find trying to use it a time consuming and frustrating process. I have my hair trimmed by Sara about twice a year and experiment with colour using natural, bleach free hair dye.

How do you keep your hair in top shape? I would love any suggestions to improve my routine!

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