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Benefits Of Almond Oil

Almond oil

Almond oil, also known as Prunus Amygdalus is native to Iran and other surrounding countries. Almonds are seeds (though many think they are nuts) derived from the Prunus Dulcis tree. The seeds are pressed while extracting almond oil, revealing the glorious liquid we love so much.

But what are the real benefits of almond oil for our curls? Find out below!

Vitamin Rich

Almond oil is super rich in B vitamins, one of them being biotin. Biotin is well known for helping keep the hair strong and luscious. Not only is almond oil rich in b vitamins, but it also provides vitamin E and D to your curls! Can I get an Amen!

Our Soothe - Natural Scalp Oil is crafted with just the right amount of almond oil. It is composed of gorgeous grapeseed, sumptuous lavender and many more oil blends to ensure your curls have the right amount of biotin to receive all their beautiful benefits. 

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Sun damage protection

Rich in vitamin E, almond oil has been found to have UV protective qualities. 

We love Vitamin E here at Afrocenchix; why? Well, it is great for protecting hair in many ways, one of them being from the sun due to its free-radical neutralising properties.

By incorporating almond oil into your routine, the vitamin e benefits will help protect your locks that little bit more, reducing breakage and dryness.

Anti-fungal properties

Sadly many of us find our locks subject to the frustrations of fungal issues.

A fungus we often find in our hair is dandruff. Almond oil can be a real superhero to this pesky and persistent issue. 

Almonds contain natural anti-fungal properties to mitigate dandruff and help free your scalp of itchiness unwanted flakes whilst being mild and gentle on the skin.

One of Soothe: Natural Scalp Oil's main ingredients is almond oil. Due to its fantastic scalp soothing and anti-fungal properties, we've packed our bestselling scalp treatment to the brim with almonds. Not only that but it's blended with luscious lavender and cedarwood oil known for their anti-inflammatory qualities, ensuring your scalp is being aided by soothing anti-fungal ingredients. 

Tip: If you are finding your scalp to be extra tender, you can use Soothe throughout the day to help ease any irritation or flare-ups; it can even be applied to the scalp as a pre-poo, helping protect from over stripping during the shampoo process, especially if you have been using a non-natural and harsh shampoo that isn't kind to your curls!

Encourages hair growth

When applied to the scalp, Almond oil can help revitalise inactive hair follicles from the biotin it contains. Due to this, the keratin your body produces will feel more encouraged, aiding in hair growth and health.

Not only that, but almond oil will help thicken any current hair strands to appear more luscious and act as a form of protection to outside elements that may be trying to damage your tresses.

There you have it! This tiny seed ain't half bad.

We'd love to know your favourite ways of using this wonder oil and if you have any other tips and tricks to share with the Afrocenchix community.

Written by: Louise Quasie-Woode


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