Why We Love Aloe Vera!

Why We Love Aloe Vera!

With over 500 species, Aloe Vera has become a powerful staple in many industries. From health to cosmetics, we all can find a use for aloe in our locks!


We all know how frustrating dandruff can be. Aloe Vera can work wonders on scalps in reducing unwanted flakes. 

Studies have shown aloe vera can aid in calming skin inflammation due to its four primary plant fatty acids properties to keep dandruff at bay and calm.

Swish Sulphate-Free Shampoo is packed with soothing aloe vera to help nourish the hair and scalp whilst remaining flake-free. 

Oily Hair

Aloe vera can work its magic on oily hair, too, providing a deeper, gentle clean whilst keeping the hair strong.

The enzymes found in aloe help break down oil build-up, cleansing the hair of any extra oil weighing down your crown.

Although aloe is excellent for cleansing, it also preserves the integrity of your tresses due to the fantastic minerals and vitamins it can provide.

Our aloe vera packed Moisture Surge Set is the perfect way to maintain healthy, moisturised hair without unwanted build-up.

Strengthening of the hair

Vitamins A, C and E can all be found in aloe vera. These vitamins are plentiful in aiding cell turnover, increasing curls shine and growth.

Our Sheen-Natural Moisturising Spray has multiple ingredients to combat breakage and promote length retention and moisture.

Fun fact: Aloe vera contains folic acid and B12 components, which may assist in hair fall out.

UV Protection

Some studies have shown aloe vera to have UV protective qualities for the skin, which could benefit the scalp too.

Ultraviolet radiation can affect the hairs quality of shine and colour, causing a less smooth, less springy feel to your locks, which nobody wants.

Incorporating aloe vera into your routine may help calm the scalp of irritation and potentially add UV protective qualities.

Top tip - don't forget to reapply your SPF and throw on hat for a good base level of sun protection.

Our Sheen Spray is the perfect 'lazy naturals' travel bag essential. Simply remove the cap and spritz your gorgeous do with our aloe packed, eczema friendly moisture surge spray, helping protect curls whilst providing a bit of life to your look, rain or shine.

Scalp Irritation

Sadly, there are many forms of scalp irritation due to overly tight braids, weaves, allergies, or using the wrong products. 

Aloe vera is well known to soothe and repair skin, a significant asset to sore scalps.

Moisture surge

This excellent little plant not only can work in aiding gentle and effective cleansing but a brilliant way to add moisture to the hair too.

As aloe vera is over 90% water, packed with enzymes, minerals, vitamins and more, the combination encourages hydration and moisture.

When creating our Smooth - Natural Moisturising Cream, we considered the benefits of aloe, ensuring all ingredients work in harmony with this incredible component.

Our Smooth Cream not only adds moisture but was designed with Eczema sufferers in mind to help create skin-friendly, moisture-locking products for both your scalp and your fro!


Written by Louise Quasie-Woode


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