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7 Wonderful Ways To Use Soothe

Believe it or not, there are many wonderful ways to use your natural scalp oil! 

Soothe is our lightweight scalp oil and the very first product created by our founders Rachael and Joycelyn. Both suffered from traction alopecia and formulated this oil to help grow their hair back. Lightweight and easily absorbed, Soothe penetrates the scalp softening hair at the roots (and did we mention, it's hailed by Vogue as one of the best scalp oils?).

So, we know Soothe can help promote healthy hair growth, but there are so many ways you can use it. Watch our video below and read on to discover the seven different ways to use Soothe!

1: Pre-poo

Did you know you can use your natural scalp oil, Soothe, as a pre-poo? Doing a pre-poo/pre-shampoo regime has many benefits, including helping retain moisture during the cleansing process and also preventing hygral fatigue.

Just add soothe from root to tip and let that sit on your hair for at least 10 mins before washing. 

2: Hot Oil Treatment 

A hot oil treatment is very similar to a pre-poo, however you will need to warm up the oil. This helps combat dryness, soothes itchy scalps and helps maintain healthy hair growth.

We recommend that you don’t put the whole bottle of oil into hot water but instead pour out the amount you need in a separate bottle/container and gently heat that instead. 

Top-tip: Why not keep your oil Soothe Bottles so you can recycle them for your hot oil treatments? It's both easy and green! 

3: To Unravel Your Braids 

When you’re doing your braids or unravelling your hair for a twist out or Bantu knot out, simply coating your fingers in Soothe will help provide some extra slip and prevent dryness and frizz.

4: Encourage Brow Growth 

Soothe is prefect for encouraging healthy hair growth on your head so it makes sense that it would help with your eyebrows.

Try using a few drops on your finger and adding it your brows before brushing your eyebrows as normal.

You can also do this every day as part of your routine to help groom your brows and keep your brow game on point.

5: Cuticle Oil 

Yes, you can use Soothe as a cuticle oil to help promote healthy nail growth. Try to use it twice a day in the morning and before bed, and work the oil into your nail bed to as a bit of TLC and to encourage strong, healthy nails.

6: Scalp Oil

From time to time we wear different protective styles from braids, cornrows and wigs to faux locs, mini twists and mini plaits. It’s good to remember that a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair growth.

Adding Soothe directly on to your scalp to can help you keep your scalp happy. The nozzle at the top of the bottle is perfect for even distribution and applying the oil directly to the scalp  and to apply the oil directly onto your scalp. Using Soothe in this way will be a great benefit for you scalp.

7: Beard Care 

Another way to use Soothe is to lend it your bearded family members, friends or your bae.

We know that beards still need some TLC and Soothe can be a quick and easy way to add shine, help soften and lock moisture into a beard, especially after a shower. So after using Soothe expect combs to just glide through beards!

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